Tournament roundup: and the winners are…

The games have now finished at WMUCC and the winners have all been decided. As we’ve seen a number of times, the winners all came from the USA along with several of the runners-up.

The finals that happened yesterday saw Surly win a double in the great grandmaster and grandmaster open divisions but fall short of a treble as the grandmaster mixed team lost 15-13 to compatriots Molasses Disaster. The mixed final was an extremely clean game with only one break, Molasses snatching the momentum going into half up 8-6.

In the grandmaster open division Surly won 15-3, a dominant win over Canadians FIGJAM to seal an incredibly impressive title. Surly finished with 10 games played, 149 points score and only 52 conceded, with no-one scoring in double digits against them. The great grandmasters won 15-12 against top seeds Relics in a game that saw several big lead swings; Relics scored three in a row to go up 9-10 but then conceded three Surly points in a row as the Minnesotans went up 13-10 and maintained the lead to win.

Today, the three finals were in the masters mixed, open and women’s divisions. The mixed final was more of a procession than spectators would have wished. Descent, the team from Washington DC, has seemed like the strongest team in the division all week and proved to be so with a dominant 15-6 win over Canadians Epoq, more of a surprise finalist. The Americans took half 8-1 after going up 6-0, effectively ending the contest early. Descent’s stars, like Kelly Hyland, Caleb Denecour and Brian Shoenrock, were just too much for Epoq and everyone else this week – they scored 135 points in nine games (hitting cap in every game) and conceded only 38, with no-one scoring more than eight against them.

The open final was somewhat more competitive as Boneyard defeated Volton 2020 15-10. The team from North Carolina broke on its first defensive possession but gave it right back on the next offensive possession. Boneyard went back up 6-4 and from there seemed to be able to bother Voltron’s a lot more than the team from Seattle could trouble theirs. Voltron brought it back to 6-6 but were broken going into half and then back out of it as well, going down 9-6 and never came back within sight.

The closest game of the day was in the women’s final between Reboot Squad, from Boston, and Canadians StellO. The Canadians took a shock lead early on, going up 2-5 after breaking on the first point of the game. Reboot gathered themselves from there, though, and climbed back into the lead with a four-point run to go back on serve at 6-5. Reboot was able to get another break after a StellO overthrow to go into half 8-6. StellO showed admirable mental strength though and were able to have another roll just after half, scoring two breaks and taking a 10-11 lead after a long, turn-filled point. The game was very tight at this point, with every throw contested and some great plays coming from both sides. A simple StellO drop was followed by a brilliant around backhand to put Reboot up 12-11 after they held on the previous point, and the Americans never relinquished the advantage after getting their noses in front. StellO held to take the scores to 13-13 after another long point with opportunities for both teams squandered, but Reboot held their nerve, held their serve and then broke to win the title.

Looking at UK, Irish and European results, Iznogood had the most impressive result in the three masters divisions in finishing fourth. They lost out on a medal after a 15-7 loss to Johnny Encore but making semis is an excellent achievement. Magic Toast finished seventh in the open division, making two European teams in that bracket. LMU and Masterclass both made quarters in the women’s division and met for seventh place, where Masterclass came out on top 15-12. The only European team in the top eight in mixed was Italians Beefire who finished eighth. Reading were the highest-placed UK team in 13th.

In the other divisions there were fewer teams overall but Big Fish, Little Fish finished ninth and as the highest-placed European team (Woodies from Germany finished 11th and otherwise the division was all North American teams) in grandmasters mixed. Zimmer overcame Americans Shadows in the fifth-place game in the grandmasters open division, winning 15-14 after coming from 10-3 down and winning the game on a four-point roll. Flash finished eighth in the ten-team great grandmasters division with JETS from France defeating them to take the best-in-Europe crown.

Zimmer miss out on the semis

The British grand master open team, Zimmer, had a successful run of games in Pool B. They lost only two matches and won their other five to put them third in the pool and qualify them for the quarter finals. Yesterday their hopes of making into the semi-finals, however, were ended after they lost the American team, and original top seeds, Johnny Walker.

The game started well for Zimmer. They came out on defence and, although they were unable to turn Johnny Walker in the first point, they very quickly equalised thanks to a bid from David Sealy. The next few points were quite quick, with the two teams trading until 2-2. 

Zimmer’s James Cooper managed to intercept an attempted inside forehand break, giving them an opportunity to break. A deep shot went up, with Dan Berry chasing after it and getting the score to put Zimmer ahead for the first time 2-3.

Several more points passed with both teams holding their offense points. Zimmer were disciplined in their horizontal stack, while Johnny Walker stuck to match defence. At 5-6 up, Zimmer got another opportunity to break when a Johnny Walker player dropped the pull. Zimmer’s defence line then called a timeout, which allowed them to set up an endzone play when they came back in. They isolated Dave Barnard, who received the disc from Lewis Glover to give them their second break and put them up 5-7.

Still on defence, Zimmer decided to play a zone which was unsuccessful at slowing down Johnny Walker’s offence, who put in two points with back-to-back scores from Brian Carroll, levelling the score again at 7-7. Zimmer put in the next score to take half at 7-8.

After half, Zimmer scored the next one thanks to an impressive toe-in from Thaysen, re-establishing the two-point lead at 7-9. After this, however, the tide really started to turn against Zimmer. Their zone defence seemed to be leaving too much free space in the middle and the Johnny Walker players cut through it easily to score the next three points, putting Zimmer behind, 10-9, for the first time since the first couple of points.

Zimmer had only 18 on their roster compared to the 24 Johnny Walker had brought and at this point in the tournament many were nursing injuries. This showed as it seemed the Zimmer players were running out of energy. They only scored two more points in the rest of the match, which was closed out after several more breaks, with a catch from Mitch Schminke to leave the final score 15-11 to Johnny Walker.

This left Zimmer in the 5-8 bracket, while Johnny Walker progressed to play in the semis yesterday against Surly GM.

Daily roundup: an end to the pool stages

Beefire competing with the North Americans in masters mixed

All the power pool games were finished yesterday, confirming who will play in the quarter finals today. Most of the top European teams have not made it through. Epoq beat Reading 15-5 to secure their spot, putting the UK team in the 9-16 bracket. Heidees, who came third at the European championships this year, narrowly lost to Slower 14-12, and Sugar Mix lost to SOS, also meaning both of them haven’t qualified for the quarters today.

The only European team to make it through are Beefire, from Italy, who were runners up at EMUCC. They convincingly beat Pie Wagon yesterday 15-8. The remaining seven teams in the quarter final today are all from North America: Americans Old #7, Slower, Descent, SOS and Members Only, and Canadians Epoq and QOld.

LMU and Masterclass secure spots in the masters women quarter final

Yesterday also wrapped up the pools in the masters women’s division. LMU had an important win against PUMAS, breaking away later on in the game to win 15-11 after a very close first half. This secured them a spot in the quarters, despite losing to Molly Grey later in the day.

Masterclass needed to win both their matches yesterday for their place in the quarters today. They came away victorious over both Les Culottées and MaQramée; a great success for the Irish home team, who will face Soar *sore today.

Some ruthless results in the masters open knockouts

The masters open teams played pre-quarters yesterday, with some brutal results. The only British team in this division, Magic Toast, beat NSOM 15-12. They progress to the quarter finals today, where they will face Jonny Encore, who finished off Hardfisch 15-0 in just 66 minutes.

There was a tight game between Woolly Mammoth and Iznogood, which was won 10-9 by Iznogood. This makes the French team the only other non-North American team to be joining Magic Toast in the quarters, after Goldfingers Ultimate Club and Warao Ultimate Turmero were knocked out yesterday.

It goes to goal difference in the grand master open

Tombstone narrowly lost to Black Can and Highlands 14-13, putting Black Cans at the top of their pool but leaving a three-way tie between Johnny Walker, FIGJAM and Tombstone. All three qualify for the quarters today but their ranking had to be decided by goal difference.

In the other pool, NSMO lost to the British team Zimmer and Czechs Silence beat Ezperanza UP Ultimate Club. This means NSMO miss out on playing in the quarter finals, but Zimmer and Silence are going through with Surly GM and Shadows. Zimmer play Johnny Walker today.

A dramatic end to grand master mixed

Power pools finished with some unexpected results in the grand master mixed division yesterday. Max Power lost a close game to Endless Sunset 13-15, putting them tied with Happy Campers on two wins. Qualification for the semi-final then had to be determined by head-to-head between those two teams, who faced each other on Sunday in the original pools. That was also a close game; Happy Campers came through to win on universe with a break to make it 11-10. Happy Campers will play top seeds Surly GMX and HiJinx will face Molasses Disaster in the semis today.

Max Power and Endless Sunset are both going into the 5-8 playoffs today. Meanwhile, the British team Big Fish, Little Fish lost 8-15 to Southern Charm yesterday, meaning they missed out on qualification for the 5-8 bracket and are now playing for ninth in a round robin.

Lining up for an all-American semis in the great grand masters

The great grand masters open division was somewhat uneventful yesterday, with the results lining up nicely for the four US teams to progress to the semi-finals tomorrow. Flash from the UK put up a good fight against Surly GGM, who are yet to lose a game. At this point, however, regardless of what happens in the last few games tomorrow, Relics, No Country and Recycled will join Surly GGM in the semis tomorrow.

Daily roundup: pools and power pools continue

It feels like the players, organisers, volunteers, and supporters are really getting into the swing of things now. The masters open division has finished its pool stage, setting things up to start pre-quarter finals tomorrow. The rest of the divisions are still continuing either the initial pools or the power pools. We’ve usually been starting with masters, so let’s swap things around and take a look at what happened today starting with great grand master open.

No one can beat Surly GGM in great grand master open

Surly GGM won against TOAST and SOUP today to continue their undefeated streak. They are yet to play Flash, Torontosaurus Rex and German Alltime Ultimate Lovers. Given how these teams have performed so far, it is unlikely any of them will be able to displace the clear favourites from North Carolina in the great grand master division. Torontosaurus Rex beat No Country, putting them tied at four wins each. Both will be hoping to stay in the top four and progress to the semi-finals after their games on Wednesday.

Power pools in the grand master mixed begin

In the grand master mixed division, the upper power pool is made up entirely of US and Canadian teams. Surly GMX are clear favourites at the moment, having beaten Endless Sunset and Molasses Disaster today. The last few games in the power pools of the grand master mixed divisions will finish tomorrow. It’s all to play for with Max Power, Molasses Disaster, HiJinx and Happy Campers all on two wins each (out of four).

Silence hoping to qualify for the grand master open quarter final

DJ Dahlem had a very close game with SG Uncles in the grand master open division today, in which DJ Dahlem came away victorious at 15-14. The only teams not from the US or Canada that are looking likely to qualify for the quarter finals, though, are UK team and European runners-up Zimmer and European champs Silence from the Czech Republic. Silence will need to beat Colombians Esperanza UP Ultimate Club A.C. tomorrow to secure their sport.

Can the Italians disrupt the masters mixed?

The Italian team Beefire won 15-14 against Members Only and also beat Disctèrics to guarantee them a spot in the top eight, even if they lose to Pie Wagon tomorrow. This makes Beefire the only team not from the US to currently be at the top of one of the higher power pools. Beefire did, however, notch the lowest spirit score so far against Members Only with a three. Old #7 beat Slower 15-8 in a game that had a close first half, but Slower were unable to keep up in the second half. This puts Old #7 at the top of their pool. The other teams looking strong in this division are SOS and Descent, who beat Reading comfortably on the stream.

The Brits and the Irish hoping for spots in the master women’s quarter final

Masterclass had an important win against Seagulls today. It’s now looking very likely they will qualify for the quarter-final. LMU had an easy win against Samsui but lost to lowercase, who remain undefeated and at the top of their pool. LMU are currently forth in their pool and will be hoping to maintain that to secure a spot in the quarters. At the top of the other pool, Reboot Squad are also undefeated, after wins against StellO and Ripe today. The women’s pools will be finished tomorrow and the top four from each will qualify for the quarter final.

An end to the masters open pools

The Jonny Encore versus Still match was won by Jonny Encore on universe (15-14), despite them being 6-8 down at half. Meanwhile, Magic Toast did well but lost 15-10 to Voltron2020, the team from Seattle who look to be the favourites in the division. All the pool games in the masters open division have now finished and the top four in each will progress to the pre-quarters tomorrow.