The Grapevine – 09/08

The Grapevine: where Marvin Gaye heard it and where you hear all about UK Ultimate!Nationals is only a couple weeks away and there are currently 7 Women’s teams competing if you are not playing Mixed and can get a few friends together to form a team, go! It’s a great tournament and worth the experience! … Continue reading “The Grapevine – 09/08”

The Grapevine – 02/08

This weeks the Grapevine covers almost exclusively UK Ultimate news.Coming back from summer holidays with a bang Ultimate Interviews and our friend Mark Earley talks to Elliot Trotter of SkyD magazine fame and co-founder of the new Huddle, High Release. Understanding Ultimate discusses weights and the brain. This weekend sees the 6 UK regions competing … Continue reading “The Grapevine – 02/08”