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Pallavi Ghaskadbi 🦊 Pallavi Ghaskadbi 🦊 @otocolobus

Beat the heat , hit the waterholes! 🌊🐯🌊

The kind of distraction you want (and need) while you take a break from tr…

2 years ago
Snow Leopard - India Snow Leopard - India @snowleopard_ncf

Walk testing on a Sunday morning — the best way to started on a long day. #fieldtales

2 years ago
Shepherds of Himalayas Shepherds of Himalayas @shepherdsofhim

Thee #rhododendrons are #blooming in upper reaches. Most of the meadow is still under snow but slowly, it’s melting…

2 years ago
Serena de Nahlik Serena de Nahlik @serenadn

@rachaelvenables I actually heard you on the radio yesterday I think! Amazing! I felt so proud #teamPR #wu23uc

4 years ago
Alberto Rossi Alberto Rossi @alber10torossi

an honor to receive full colour award from my university after participating in the #WU23UC

5 years ago
Julius Lauer Julius Lauer @juliusglauer

RT Next Worlds location is announced! Who’s looking forward to it already? #wu23uc

5 years ago
GB Mixed u23 GB Mixed u23 @GBMixedU23

Next Worlds location is announced! Who’s looking forward to it already? #wu23uc

5 years ago
Graham Mynott Graham Mynott @grahammynott

Off to London today, part of @UKUltimate review of #wu23uc and to start planning for Worlds 2016.

6 years ago
Danny Ryle Danny Ryle @daniel_ryle

Mad to think worlds with GB Mixed was a month ago… Feels like yesterday. #wu23uc #playmixed…

6 years ago
andrevibar andrevibar @PeteeeV

I need to improve my game face πŸ™ Credits ShowGame for the photo #wu23uc

6 years ago
Nakul Pande Nakul Pande @NakulMPande

Go women in ultimate! Go Team India! Go women in India! Go all of these things! #wu23uc

6 years ago
USAUltimateU23X USAUltimateU23X @USAUltimateU23X

The IOC gave full recognition to WFDF yesterday! Love seeing footage from #wu23uc in the presentation video!!

6 years ago
UBSport Ultimate UBSport Ultimate @unibhamultimate

Check out a few of our club members representing GB at the u23 world championships! #gobrum #wu23uc

6 years ago
Dan Godbold Dan Godbold @Mayjest

I swear 10 minute half times went like lightning at #wu23uc. They seem to take forever when watching a stream. #euc2015

6 years ago

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