Pre-quarter madness in the Men’s division

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his recaps of the Men’s division by going back over the pre-quarters.

The Men’s knockout stages are underway and we started with the pre-quarter and crossover rounds today. Quarter-finals are tomorrow, semis on Friday and finals on Saturday.  Here is what the brackets look like.

#SideLinesU23 – Playing the Long Game

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Sean Colfer talks to the Austrian Open Coach, Michael Zellinger about the team’s history leading up to London 2015

To say that Austria have exceeded expectations in this tournament would be incongruous with their results in recent seasons.

Their team defeated Great Britain in power pools in Toronto 2013 before GB’s victory in the later replay left them seventh. Their senior team finished 14th at London Calling in 2014. That finish masks how well they did – some of the best club and national teams in Europe, including Clapham, Viksjöfors, two French Open teams and Bad Skid, were also at that tournament.

#SideLinesU23 – Austria vs. Colombia – Open Division Match Report

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Sean Colfer reports on yesterday’s power pool matchup in the Open Division 

Austria came into this match on a high after their their live-streamed victory over Great Britain on the show pitch – yet another statement of intent after topping their pool (despite an unexpected loss to Belgium). A win would continue their unbeaten run through power pools, and guarantee a top two place ahead of their matchup with the United States on Thursday morning.

Colombia had different concerns. They were chasing a victory to remain in contention for a quarter-final spot. They were winless in the power pool and needed to win here and against Australia, also winless in the power pool, to stand a chance.

#SideLinesU23 – Philippines vs. South Africa – Match Report

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Charlie Blair reports on a tight matchup in the Mixed division as the Wild Dogs take on the Philippines

Despite another drizzly start to the day’s play, the first game between the Philippines and South Africa brought the pitches to life. The luscious field, newly dampened with a fresh sheen of rain, invited spectacular athletic plays from both sides.

Those who braved the wet were treated to a stand out performance from South’s Africa #00 Jarrod ‘JB’ Banks, who set the team alight early on. After chasing down an overshot swing pass to score a layout callahan, he brought the Wild Dogs level 3-3. In a game that remained tight to the end, his big plays proved to be game-changing, as another huge layout block on Philippines’ own

end zone line saw South Africa take the half 9-7.

#SideLinesU23 – The Lads in Green

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Josh Coxon Kelly looks at the Irish Open Squad’s start to the Under 23 Championships

Featured image courtesy of Andy Moss from

With a landmark 11-9 victory against Australia and a decisive 17-11 win over Belgium, the championships couldn’t have started much better for the Irish Open squad. With the disc moving between hands constantly, the team was playing with enviable flow by the end of their second game, as a crisp upwind flick huck was caught in stride to end the game and the first day’s work in style. “That’s orgasmic” mutters a sideline observer. Granted, it was actually one of the Irish players who said this, but these boys can be forgiven for feeling a little proud about their achievements, even at this early stage.

After a disappointing performance at the 2013 U23 World Championships in Toronto (placing 14th), Head Coach Leo Yoshida has been able to bring back around half of the squad for another go at the world’s best young players. Players and coach alike have been hungry to prove that they could improve on their first outing, and the low player turnover has been a key factor in bringing together a squad to break out of the lower rankings and into the top eight.

Yoshida brings his experience as a player and coach from the Vancouver Ultimate scene, where he was a part of the University of British Columbia team benefitting from close ties with local Furious George players amongst others. This knowledge and experience helped organise a spike in Irish enthusiasm that came out of a tense rivalry between Cork and Trinity College teams in 2008/9. Now having had adequate training time to bring cohesion out of these rivalries, this team enjoys a fluency between Cork, Dublin and Limerick players. Assistant coach Niall Harbourne proudly describes the team as “a real all – Ireland team”.

#SidelinesU23 – The Rise of Chinese Taipei

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Charlie Blair gets to know the Chinese Taipei Mixed team

As the Under 23 division embarks on its third World Championship this week, it is incredibly exciting to see new teams from far reaching corners of the globe. Amongst the mixed teams are debuts for India, Philippines and South Africa. However, with Venezuela not representing in London, Chinese Taipei are the only team outside of the established Ultimate nations who also made the journey to Toronto two years ago.


Despite finishing 10th in the overall standings in 2013, Chinese Taipei impressed the watching eyes of the world as they burst onto the scene with a 13-10 upset victory against Australia in their opening game of the tournament. The ramifications of this strong performance against the eventual bronze medallists were really felt according to team coach Michael Hu. He attributes many more kids committing themselves to the sport to this win alone, with thousands inspired after tuning into the live stream from his home country.


Hu himself has been a bastion for the sport since first picking up a Frisbee as a college freshman in Taipei sixteen years ago. Initially however, he represented Chinese Taipei in Guts on the international stage while the interest for Ultimate lagged. Throughout the next decade he competed in three World Guts Championships, finally winning a gold medal in Heilbronn in 2000.

#SideLinesU23 – Wild Dogs Hungry for Recognition

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Sean Colfer talks to the South African Wild Dogs about their journey to London

The South African Under 23 Mixed team found support from around the world in their journey to make it to London for these championships. Their Indiegogo campaign raised enough money to pay for the kit for whole squad and made it easier for the student-heavy side to compete for the first time at this level.

Now that they’re here, they intend to make sure people sit up and take notice. In their first game they did just that by taking Japan, who placed third in Toronto, to sudden-death having been down for the whole game.

Much of the team has been playing together for several years in the Ultimate capital of the country, Cape Town, where there has been a strong scene for the better part of 20 years. Coach Jonathan Aronson, 30, has known many of his players for just under four years, having coached them previously.