The Grapevine – 06/12

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The Grapevine – this week in ultimate news!

Benji brings us the second part of his detailed breakdown of the IO break throw

As well as featuring in a UTalkRaw podcast discussing his coaching methods

This week Nakul’s piece on ultimate and Depression was joint published both here on The ShowGame and on Skyd Magazine – check out and share this great article!

The GB and World Games coach Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone has been making waves overseas with this article on how to improve your team’s offense. The piece stirred up plenty of discussion, which can be found here

Finally the yearly UK Ultimate magazine Ultimatum is soon heading to the printing press! Take this opportunity to ensure your membership (and address!) is up to date so you don’t miss out on a copy…

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The Grapevine – 30/11

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The Grapevine – this week in UK Ultimate!

UTalkRaw returns from with a great interview of Brady Meisenhelder (from about better coaching.

Understanding Ultimate begins looking at I/O turnovers with Part One.

UK Ultimate have almost got Ultimatum ready so remember to update your membership and address, you definitely want to read this edition. Plus give the Ultimatum quiz a go on FB to get the UKU page up to 1750 likes

UOIN was won by Cambridge last weekend, make sure to follow the Women at #UWIN this weekend!

Beau Kittredge responds in hilarious fashion to an internet commentator.  

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Happy St. Andrews Day and tomorrow is the first LWL of the season! Wrap up warm!

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The Grapevine – 26/07

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The Grapevine this week covers every age group Juniors, U23, World Games and Masters!

We have had ECBU and still have players out in Toronto and Cali for U23 and World Games (helpful page coming soon) the Juniors have the European Youth Ultimate Championships coming up, schedule and pools is out!

As mentioned U23’s is ongoing and our page is being updated daily with scores and facts, Open are in the 1v8 quarter today so keep up the support as we enter the last few days of this tournament…

…and the first days of World Games in Cali. The Opening ceremony was last night and Ultimate games start on Sunday. The TD’s have arranged this amazing score reporter called WING, which will show game time, time outs, goals, assists, Ds, drops, pulls and touches during the game or during the tournament; also a fresh new tool which draws the disc trajectory. For more details check out the Grapevine WG special tomorrow.

Our coverage of ECBU is now done and Chrissy Birtwistle from the Womens team has written another piece for Forbes on failure leading to success.

After a small hiatus Ultimate Interviews returns with a chat to the Ultimate field marker Martin Rasp.

UTalkRaw is on holiday for a bit so contact Barry if you have any ideas for new shows but Understanding Ultimate is not and discusses hard work, talent and Ben Wiggins

xEUCF is not that far away and all the regional allocations have been decided and two Masters teams have already been accepted! Who will go from Open, Women’s and Mixed teams? Regionals next weekend then Nationals over Bank Holiday to decide!

Busy times! Keep supporting the U23’s with #u23wfdf and following their twitter accounts.

The Grapevine – 19/07

Open Tour, SkyD, The Grapevine, u23, Understanding Ultimate., USA Ultimate, uTalkRaw, Women's Tour, world games

This weeks the Grapevine covers World Games, U23 and Ultimate Frisbee wars!!

The power of the ultimate frisbee community was proven this week with the campaign to make sure the World Games will be broadcasted online, for FREE. We all succeeded and listen out to hear how we can watch those games soon.

With last weeks scorcher at T3 in Cardiff, the regular season is over and full rundown and results will be released soon enough. For now enjoy some footage of Fire 2 vs DED

Benji discusses the combination of Spirit and economics together in Understanding Ultimate.

This weekend sees the start of the WFDF World U23 Ultimate Championships in Toronto follow results here and on twitter you can also follow each squad: Open, Mixed and Women’s. Open will be playing a warm up late tonight and the opening game on Sunday, get involved! Let’s GO GB!!

UTalkRaw talk to Steve Gigure in episode 28 about Lookfly and BlockstackTV including an interesting discussion on the sustainability of ultimate media. Can we last? 

Finally two pieces from the US about the warring factions of pro leagues and the USAU, a great read and analysis from the recent WFDF census with fascinating results on SkyD magazine.

WFDF World u23 Ultimate Championships, Toronto 2013.

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The Grapevine – 12/07

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This weeks super sized The Grapevine has everything from Juniors to U23 to xEUCF 2013.

Last weekend the UKU held the Junior Championships and an inaugural UKU Schools Championships in Birmingham. Airbadgers (Exeter) defended their junior title and Flux (Twycross House School, Leicester) took the schools number one spot, congratulations to them and keep up the great work! Full results here.

Benji gets a little riled (as do many others: see the comments section) discussing incidental contact on his blog Understanding Ultimate.

Tour 3 will be in Cardiff this weekend see how everyone fared in Nottingham with our coverage of Tour 2. All details for this final part of the regular season can be found here. Will anyone challenge Clapham or Iceni? Who will finish in that top 16 and in what order? Who is the fastest man in UK Ultimate? Keep your eyes on twitter with the hashtag #ukut3 for results and more!

Barry O’Kane talks to Tim Morrill on speed and agility training for ultimate, a must listen on UTalkRaw! 

The Australian Flying Disc Association have released the WFDF preliminary U23 World Championship seedings. A huge good luck to all our U23 athletes, let’s go GB! 

The Secret Frizzer gives us more insight into the Tour 2 success of EMO through coach Joe Wynder and for Devon through their coach Sam Luxa. [UPDATED: interview with Alex Cragg by tSF here.]

The TD’s of xEUCF need you! Volunteers make large tournaments run smoothly, think you got what it takes? Fancy visiting Bordeaux in September and getting the highest level ultimate in Europe too? Apply here.

Finally, the Australian U23 Mixed squad have some quirky little videos on their YouTube channel. Check them out, what do you think about them?

Logo courtesy of A.F.D.A.

Remember: like, share and contribute. JCK or I will tweet small tit bits from Cardiff with #ukut3. DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 05/07

ECBU, EMO, Get Horizontal, Ragnarok, The Grapevine, Understanding Ultimate., US Open, uTalkRaw

This weeks The Grapevine covers blogs, results and #ukut3 squads…

Full ECBU 2013 results can be found here with a lot more on the website! Huge congratulations go out to all who represented Great Britain and thanks to every supporter out there or back in blighty! Watch out for our insiders review in next few weeks….

Ragnarok are representing Europe at the US Open in Raleigh, North Carolina. Started play yesterday but Get Horizontal have brought together all the info you need to follow them!

Love to jack it deep? See what Benji has to say about hucking on Understanding Ultimate.

UTalkRaw is really starting to bring in the ultimate celebrities, check out episode 26 where Dan Roddick tells us about the beginnings of Ultimate itself! 

A cool analysis blog, Ultimate Strategy and Coaching has recently started looking into NexGen games with the aide of the match footage. Find it here!

Last but not least, EMO have been doing a great job on pitch and with their social media. Like their FB page where you will find not only their team lists for the upcoming #ukut3 but read the piece from Ian ‘Scot’ Scotland – EMO’s mentality change in 2013.

EMO having their best season so far in 2013.

Enjoy the sun and Wimbledon semis and finals! More to come soon! DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 28/06

ECBU, SkyD, The Grapevine, Understanding Ultimate., uTalkRaw, Windmill Windup

Check out the latest Ultimate media from home and abroad on this week’s The Grapevine…

A short, but thought-provoking post on Benji’s excellent understanding ultimate talks about the importance of reacting after turnovers…

Whilst you’re at it check out the full footage of Bad Skid (GER) vs. Chiniya Rada (USA) – a game that some people are calling the best open final ever seen at the Windmill Windup…

In this week’s UtalkRaw Barry talks to Si Hill about the future directions of British ultimate…

Well loved ultimate writer Lou Burruss returns to contributing for SkyD to the joy of Frisbee nerds worldwide. Check his post out for various assessments of the US scene so far this year, as well as hints at future articles set to tackle the status of the various professional leagues, and the status of women’s ultimate.

ECBU is well under way, with GB making a strong start in all divisions. Check out for streaming and results, as well as Skyd’s Tournament Central for in-depth coverage.

Smatt’s latest post shows the madness of Tour 2 from Kapow’s perspective.

Got something we’ve missed? Let us know! Keep up the support for team GB in Spain, and look out for The ShowGame’s write-ups of Tour 2 next week… JCK @tSG