The Grapevine – 11/05

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The Grapevine – all the links from around the Ultimate world.

Jen released their trial squad and the Secret Frizzer has discussed them too

Understanding Ultimate talk about Choking this week.

Jaff Martin from SOAR writes for Get Horizontal about developing UK Ultimate at all levels.

FFindr have an awesome visualisation of clubs around Europe, so see it!

Hope your enjoying the off season, and maybe playing a little indoors? DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 04/10

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The Grapevine – ultimate links and news from around the globe.

The UKU have released the known major outdoor dates ahead of next season  – fill your calendar’s now!

In exciting news for Ultimate fitness freaks, Kapow Ultimate have released details of their one-off London based fitness sessions with Boston Brute Squad and Ironside trainer – Tim Morrill.

Understanding Ultimate takes a look at disc reading in the latest of many insightful posts.

Get Horizontal have released a recap of xEUCF, which amongst other things sends out a strong message regarding SOTG of this year’s open division. 

Over the pond USA ultimate has been receiving recognition from mainstream media publications – check out these articles in TIME magazine and The Economist.

Well done to all British teams who entered xEUCF – keep an eye out for Bordeaux reviews and more on The ShowGame! – JCK @tSG

The Grapevine xEUCF 2013 Special

Bordeaux, The Grapevine, xEUCF

The Grapevine this week is all European after one day of play at xEUCF we bring you all the links and info you might need to follow from Blighty. 

As you might have already seen are streaming from the main pitch and there remain a couple free games, quarters onwards include a small fee.

Schedule was changed a couple days ago and the UltiOrganizer is being used for results.

UK team results are as follows:

Open – Elite
Clapham: Heidees 15-6; W, FAB 15-10; W
Chevron Action Flash: Otso 15-12; W, Uprising 15-11; W.
Brighton City: Bad Skid 7-15; L, Freespeed 6-15; L
Devon: Ragnarok 8-15; L, CUSB 11-15; L

Open – Challenger

Fire: Jetset 15-12; W, Lucky Grass 15-6; W.
Kapow!: Mooncatchers 10-15; L, Prague Devils 11-15; L.


Iceni: JinX 15-5; W, Yaka 15-8 ; W.
Nice Bristols: Copenhagen Hucks 12-15; L, Cosmic Girls 10-15; L, LayD’s 15-14; W.
SYC: Lotus 1-15; L, Hot Beaches 15-8; W, Lemon Grass 13-15; L.
Leeds: Prague Devils 8-15; L, CUSB Shout 11-15; L, U de Cologne 6-15; L.


Bear Cavalry: Vassa Saints 15-11; W, Friselis 14-9; W, Corocotta 15-11; W.
Cambridge: Sun 15-7; W, Disc-o-fever 15-9; W, Wunderteam 15-9; W.
DED: Croccali 14-15; LAh Ouh PUC 15-8WUFO Utrecht 11-15 L.
Thundering Herd: Salaspils FK 13-15; LFrau Rauscher & the Bembelboys 14-15; L, Spirit on Lemon 15-14; W.


Zimmer:  Ultimate Vibrations; 15-7 W,  BAF 15-7; W.
BAF: Ultimate Vibration; 13-15; L, UFO Tampere 15-14; W, Zimmer 7-15; L.

Open: In the top power pool Clapham continue to dominate only conceding 24 and remain first seed going directly into quarter. Whilst Chevron have a bad day at the office with 3 losses they go into a crossover against Prague Devils in the morning.
Devon and Fire clash once again to decide who goes up with a chance at top 8 glory, Fire come out on top and make it evens for the season against the boys from the south west. Brighton also lose out in the middle pool and go into the 13-20 pre-quarters along with Kapow! who got their first win today against FUJ. 

Women’s: Iceni were only challenged in their power pool by Lotus; who took half 8-6 but allowed Iceni to go on a 6 point run and finally take it 14-11. Lower down Nice Bristols took a hold of their tourney by the neck and grabbed three wins today against LayD’s, Leeds and Prague devils giving them a 5-12 pre-quarter and still giving them hope of higher things. SYC also got themselves into this bracket by taking down YAKA and Hot Beaches in their lower pool. Sadly Nice Bristols aided Leeds towards the 9-16 playoffs, go take ninth ladies!

Mixed: Both Bears and Cambridge conceded their first losses (to Crocalli and Salaspills FK, respectively) but did enough to continue into quarter finals. After a convincing win over Ah Ouh Puc, DED couldn’t keep up the tempo and lost twice, pushing them down into the bottom 8. They will join Thundering Herd who are currently 1-5. 

Masters: As expected the mighty Zimmer continue to top the table, being pushed by OUF to their worst win of 15-10. BAF actually need a favour from their UK friends; if Zimmer beat UFO Tampere and BAF take down Ultimate Vibration then we would have an all UK final tomorrow evening.

All teams move into XO’S tomorrow before QF/SF and Finals Sunday.

Stay in touch at Fan Central and with the hashtag #xeucf2013. DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 20/09

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The Grapevine – ultimate links and news from around the globe.

Understanding Ultimate gets literary in an interesting post that meditates on the relationship between artistic creativity and sport, and argues convincingly for the benefits of self imposed constraints in ultimate training.

The UKU have announced a new ultimate event at Fistral Beach in partnership with BUCS open to all…

Getting excited for xEUCF? The schedule for all divisions is now available…

Take a moment to fill in this feedback form for Nationals and xEUCF if you haven’t already!

From across the pond…

Lou Burruss discusses the history of offensive tactics in a post that will be of interest to anyone concerned with ‘the gap’ between UK and US teams that has been discussed of late…

The commercialisation of US ultimate continues as Keith Raynor argues for an aggressive branding of College teams.

A storm is brewing in European ultimate and its set to break out at Bordeaux. Keep an eye out for our xEUCF previews early next week! – JCK @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 12/09

Jen, SkyD, The Grapevine, UKU Nationals, Ultiworld, Understanding Ultimate., xEUCF

The Grapevine – all the info without the mess of picking it out yourself.

Jen Ultimate has got off the ground and we interviewed one of the founders, Sam Bowen, earlier this week.

With xEUCF just around the corner a lot has been happening, both planning for on the pitches and off. Also go make your predictions to win a cap! Cannot wait!

Understanding Ultimate seem to be enjoying this recent wet weather by getting into the ultimate mindset of “So it’s raining…”

We have changed our front page look, what do you think?

Liam Grant writes for SkyD on the recent Ranelagh 2 win over All of Ireland!

Ultiworld look into how WFDF are pushing Ultimate slowly into the Olympics.

Those waiting for Nationals reviews, we are combining them into xEUCF previews so sit tight! Until then enjoy the view…

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The Grapevine – 06/09

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The Grapevine – links and news from around the ultimate globe.

PushPass have done a great job filming and releasing some of the games, go watch the highlight video and read some of the interesting comments.

The German blog Ultiszene reviews UK Nationals, we have started our coverage keep an eye open for more soon.

Beau Kittredge is one of the few Ultimate celebrities and has written a fantastic piece on why he still plays and loves our sport.

The Irish Eye author Mark Earley talks about his new mixed international tournament ‘The Golden Keg’ with Get Horizontal. Put the date in your calendars! 

Finally, last weekend saw the last tournament in the USAU Triple Crown with GOAT, Polar Bears and Riot taking the titles in Open, Mixed and Women’s divisions. Watch a great highlight video from Nemesis below; see if you can spot Iceni captain Bex Forth representing Texas Showdown.

With the off season looming we are looking for more contributors so please feel free to drop us a line via FB, Twitter, email or hit the contribute page up! DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 30/08

PushPass, THANK YOU., The Grapevine, UKU Nationals, Understanding Ultimate., xEUCF

The Grapevine this week looks back at Nationals and a little forwards to xEUCF 2013! Plus a huge THANK YOU!

Congratulations go to Clapham, Iceni, Bear Cavalry and Zimmer who took the titles in their divisions! All results can be found via our Ultiapps reporter and more stats on the UTC app. Our UK and Irish reviews will be going up soon enough!

Make sure to check out the PushPass clips from Nationals and why not buy all 17 games for £10.99, bargain! 

Congrats to one of our authors James Burbidge for topping the UKU Fantasy Ultimate! Check out your scores!

Understanding Ultimate discusses what calls you should make from the sideline for a force, left/right or inside/around?

Check the British Thumber Time Ramones-esqe disc, it’s swag!

Fifteen UK club teams will be in Bordeaux representing us in 4 divisions, our partners Get Horizontal have got the details of all the clubs there

We have reached a milestone! As of this morning the ShowGame has had over 50,000 views. We would like to THANK every single one of our readers and hope you continue to come back for more. Kind of crazy! 

But we are not done there, got any ideas? Want to contribute? Easy, click the link on the right and make the ShowGame even better! DP @ tSG.