The Grapevine EUCF 2014 Special

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This edition of the Grapevine will be updated to follow EUCF over the weekend.


Make sure to check out our preview and follow the action on our twitter and Get Horizontal’s twitter or live update site and use the hashtag #eucf2014 if you’re there!

Today’s Results

(Full results @UltiOrganiser)


Clapham topped their pool and will play a Quarter final today against CUSB la Fotta.

Chevron finished 2 -1, and face Finnish team Otso in their Quarter Final.

EMO Finish 2-1 (losing to Cambridge) and as a result finish third in their pool. They beat Brighton 15-14 this morning, earning them a Quarter Final in the 9-16 bracket.

Fire missed out on a 5-12 Pre-Quarter after losing in sudden death to 7 Shwaben, who topped the pool and took the only top bracket spot. Fire play Cotarica Grandes today in their 9-16 Quarter Final.

Brighton’s 15-12 loss to Heidees took them to the 9-16 Pre-Quarters, however a sudden death loss to EMO drops them into the 17-24 bracket where they play Reading this morning.

Cambridge caused trouble by upsetting EMO in the pool stages, but after losing their Pre-Quarter are now in the 17-24 playoff bracket. They play Danish Aarhaus Ultimate in a bracket with Brighton and Reading.

Reading were unable to get a win in their pools despite coming close in a 15-13 loss to M.U.C. They are in the 17-24 bracket where they will play Brighton this morning.


Iceni went 5-0 with a +51 goal difference for pool play. They play E6 in a semi final today, and look en route to face up in the final with old rivals Woodchicas, who have also been dominant so far.

SYC had a tough first day losing all 4 of their first group games but scored a win against Spain’s Fendisc in their final matchup today. They now are playing in the 9-12 bracket.


Despite coming close Birmingham were unable to get a pool play win on day one. Their matchup today with Swiss team FlyHigh was unfortunately also a loss, and they will now play for 9th.
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Pingu Jam also had a disappointing first day, losing all matches including the zoomorphic UK grudge match replay against Thundering Herd. Their game against Ultimate CUS Brescia – Bubba will provide a last opportunity for a pool play win but will not take them above the 9-12 bracket.

Thundering Herd were the only British team to take a win in pool play against Pingu Jam and as a result will also be playing for 9th, first against Fly High.


The Grapevine Returns

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As the title suggests we will be bringing back The Grapevine but as a monthly collection of the best Ultimate links and news.

Just before WUCC we had our Club and Country series which you should definitely read, got an opinion to add then comment or even email us with a contribution! 

WUCC is over with some great results from the UK teams check out the final results here and here. Also DP went along with Skyd Magazine who did some great writing and footage which you can watch back now!

Moving forwards, next week sees the peak of the UK season: UKU Nationals. Schedules are up and check out some of last years footage from PushPass to get you pumped! 

Finally, whilst WUCC was going on we reached over the 200,000 views mark on this page! We are so thankful for you guys reading and spreading theShowGame love, keep coming back for more.

Photo courtesy of Tino Tran.

The Grapevine – 11/04

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The Grapevine – bringing you a little bit of Ultimate from home and abroad.

Adding to Charlie Blair’s great write up on the London Women’s Ultimate Forum; Curve Women made a little promo (see below).

We have seen a lot of writing from Brummie over the last year but watch him talk about his playing and coaching to a non Ultimate audience here.

This weekend is MT2 expect: a Smatt vs Matt preview, drama and hopefully more Matt Dathan puns. Make sure to use #ukumt2 on twitter to ensure followers at home are up to date with scores and banter on the tagboard!

This week saw the release of the WUCC 2014 team list! Go check out the competition for this summers big tournament here.

The Flatball film has made its target and even exceeded it by $6000, awesome news and cannot wait to watch it!

Finally, check out this new page which collates information on teams and tournament from all over the world: In May you will be able to login and add yourself to your team rosters, want to help? Contact them from the site directly.

Curve Women from Laura Payne on Vimeo.

The Grapevine – 28/03

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The Grapevine.

Brummie is really getting around now with another skills clinic, this time in Croatia also featuring some guest US coaches. Get Horizontal mentioned the tournament last year that will run alongside the clinic. Sign up for both now, looks immense!

Mixed Tour 1 has gone paperless and exclusively online so make sure to follow all the updates on the #ukumt1 tagboard!

SkyD have released their 2014 Mock Draft (US ultimate minds creating their fantasy draft from the best players in the open game) and two UK players, Justin Foord and Tom Abrams (Clapham), made one of the teams.

The Flatball Film has been in production for sometime now but this exciting movie chronicling the history of ultimate needs our help! Go and support the maker now! Watch the trailer below. 

The Grapevine – 07/03

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The Grapevine.

As many of you will know Carleton Ultimate (CUT) the US College team lost three players in a tragic road incident last week. Josh and I would like to personally send our regards to the CUT community and families. 

There have been heartfelt testimonials from the UKU, Lou BurussElliot Trotter and many many more. 

Turning to other news, Nice Bristols were on the BBC’s The One Show! Skip to around 33 mins to catch them and some quality Push Pass footage.

Speaking of Push Pass. UKU Regionals footage is being uploaded now go grab a subscription or just the games you want from your region of choice!

WCBU 2015 has been announced for Dubai!! Go watch a great little video preview.

The Grapevine – 28/02

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Couple weeks off for the Grapevine but back in for this almost leap day!

UKU/BUCS University Ultimate Regionals (we love acronyms) start this weekend, see our coverage here.

The UKU needs info for the upcoming tour season! New team? Get involved email Benji at

Benji also wrote a piece on his site Understanding Ultimate this week about possible Match Fixing in Ultimate.

Last night saw a big meeting of minds for Women’s ultimate. Wasn’t able to go? Contact us and we can link you up and help develop the Women’s division in the UK!

Windmill Windup have made their decision on who will get to play there this year! Go see some big teams warming up for WUCC2014.

Check out this old school news piece from Ross-On-Wye explaining Ultimate in the UK, 25 years ago!

Make sure to tweet from your region this weekend, e.g. SEUOOR -> #seuoor. Good luck!

The Grapevine – 01/02

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The Grapevine – let’s be honest is anyone reading these headers anymore? 

Many of you will have voted for the Team USA World Games team and they have successfully won Team of Year 2013!! Amazing!

The UKU has employed two new people, Benji as the new Events Co-ordinator and a full time book keeper. Read here.

With trials in full swing for many WFDF/WUCC have released a rather confusing table to decide who will get extra spots for WUCC 2014. We think it means Showdown and Johnny Bravo (USA) both has spots for sure and will see what it might mean in the Mixed and Open division for the UK.