New Zealand brings the thunder to powerhouse Swedish squad

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Julia Dunn watched a tight game between Sweden and New Zealand and spoke to the Kiwi captain afterwards about their journey to London.

That this game could play a key role in determining the second seed in pool A brought a riveting edge to the New Zealand and Sweden matchup on Tuesday. Both teams fought to the bitter end, coming down with amazing catches, putting on intense defensive pressure and making good decisions throughout the entire game. These teams were well matched in style of play, with their focus on the long game and fast transitions.

Power Pool M Review – Europe keeps it interesting

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his comprehensive Men’s coverage with a summary of the most interesting power pool so far.

Power pools kicked off today in the Men’s division. Pool M contained four European powerhouses in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. Two out of the three rounds happened today, making for a lot of crazy action, some surprising results and a whole lot of German speech in the games.