Ultimate wins in battle between two newcomers

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Julia Dunn watched the match-up between the Indian and South African Women’s teams on Monday, and saw more than just players improving their skills. She investigated the story of the game from both sides.

Two of the newcomers at Worlds for the Women’s division brimming with excitement, spirit, and love for Ultimate, South Africa and India, found each other today in one of the tightest games of the day. These teams have surpassed borders and barriers to play at this tournament, and will bring everything back to boost women’s Ultimate in their communities.

#SideLinesU23 – Philippines vs. South Africa – Match Report

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Charlie Blair reports on a tight matchup in the Mixed division as the Wild Dogs take on the Philippines

Despite another drizzly start to the day’s play, the first game between the Philippines and South Africa brought the pitches to life. The luscious field, newly dampened with a fresh sheen of rain, invited spectacular athletic plays from both sides.

Those who braved the wet were treated to a stand out performance from South’s Africa #00 Jarrod ‘JB’ Banks, who set the team alight early on. After chasing down an overshot swing pass to score a layout callahan, he brought the Wild Dogs level 3-3. In a game that remained tight to the end, his big plays proved to be game-changing, as another huge layout block on Philippines’ own

end zone line saw South Africa take the half 9-7.

#SideLinesU23 – Wild Dogs Hungry for Recognition

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Sean Colfer talks to the South African Wild Dogs about their journey to London

The South African Under 23 Mixed team found support from around the world in their journey to make it to London for these championships. Their Indiegogo campaign raised enough money to pay for the kit for whole squad and made it easier for the student-heavy side to compete for the first time at this level.

Now that they’re here, they intend to make sure people sit up and take notice. In their first game they did just that by taking Japan, who placed third in Toronto, to sudden-death having been down for the whole game.

Much of the team has been playing together for several years in the Ultimate capital of the country, Cape Town, where there has been a strong scene for the better part of 20 years. Coach Jonathan Aronson, 30, has known many of his players for just under four years, having coached them previously.