ShowGame Podcast: Episode 4 with Rachel Turton and Ben Davies


This week Sean speaks to Rachel Turton and Ben Davies. Both are longtime Ultimate players (Ben has played for New Zealand and in the AUDL, and Rachel is a reigning national and European champion with SMOG and GB Mixed) who have pivoted more to disc golf during the last 12 months and are now the male and female #1s in the UK. 

– How they got into disc golf and started playing tournaments (0:58)

–  Was there any particular piece of advice that made a difference, or thing you worked out that was crucial? (2:25)

– How long did it take to get to grips with the variety of discs? (4:25)

– How hard has it been learning to play with such precision? (9:03)

– What’s it been like playing a more individual sport like disc golf, and integrating into a different community? (10:50)

– Are you still Ultimate players that play disc golf, or are you more a golfer now? (16:01)

– Which countries are strong in disc golf? (18:02)

– What do disc golf sponsorships entail, and how do they work? (19:00)

– BEST LINE: Rachel picks her best mixed team and discusses playing Worlds with Great Britain at 20 (22:55)

– BEST LINE: Ben picks his best mixed line, including a one-time only exception for a player he trained with (25:05)

– Ben discusses his experience playing for Rainbow Brigade at Windmill (28:40)

ShowGame Podcast: Episode 3 with David Pryce


No special guest this week, just a regular editor. DP and Sean talk about the various different items of news surrounding UK Ultimate, discuss whether the international calendar needs to be overhauled, encourage caution from people pushing themselves too hard on a return to training and pick their best lines. Here’s the Spotify link, but you can find it pretty much anywhere by searching The ShowGame Podcast!

ShowGame Podcast: Episode 2 with Fowzia Mahmood


In the second episode of the ShowGame podcast, Sean interviewed Fowzia Mahmood, the force behind women’s team Discie Chicks and a UKU board member, about the importance of diversity and inclusion, her experiences playing in the UK and how vital it is to make mistakes. You can hear about:

  • How did you get into the sport? (2:12)
  • Joining the UKU board (4:14)
  • Diversity and racial equality in UK Ultimate (8:35)
  • Starting Discie Chicks and providing women more opportunities (18:50)
  • Would you change anything with DC? (30:08)
  • What can other teams learn from DC? (34:40)
  • Preparing for WindFarm (40:08)
  • BEST LINE: Fowzia picks her DC all-star line (41:05)

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Discussion, news, podcast

Welcome to our new foray into podcasts! Sean Colfer interviewed Simon Hill, the UKU CEO, and they discussed a number of different topics. You can hear about:

  • Coronavirus and its impact (1:39)
  • EUCF thoughts (11:48)
  • Impact on the GB programmes for WUGC and World Games (16:45)
  • Positives to come from this? (19:20)
  • Black Lives Matter discussion (29:26)
  • EUCR-W and Nationals separation? (39:45)
  • UKU membership demographics (42:50)
  • Combining divisions to one Nationals – positive or negative (45:00)
  • Si’s call for teams to engage with schools (51:00)
  • BEST LINE: the top seven players Si would want in a must-score point (54:45)

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