WUCC Results Day Five – Friday 8th

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With only finals left to play we look back at a strong British showing at the 2014 World Club Championships…


Iceni finish 11th overall with a decisive win over U de Cologne and sustained and confirmed their European dominance throughout the week. Whilst the highest placed European team, they will be frustrated to not have made it into quarter finals, and also by their results against North American competition with scorelines that do not represent the potential of this team.

Win 17 – 6 vs. U. de. Cologne (GER) 

Nice Bristols had a tough week with only 3 wins against Rogue (AUS), Brilliance (RUS), and YAKA (FRA) to finish in 22nd. Whilst they missed out on top 16, they will be happy to have improved on their seeding by 2 and will undoubtedly come home with a huge amount of international experience that puts their squad in good stead for years to come.

Win 13 – 11 vs. YAKA (FRA)
Lose 10 – 16 vs. E6 (SWE)

LMS also beat their seeding to move from 30th to 24th. Whilst they may be gutted to lose out in sudden death to CUSB shout in bracket play, they will be happy with big wins over Rogue (AUS), Brilliance (RUS) and Nice Bristols.

Lose 9 – 17 vs. E6 (SWE)

Lose 7 – 12 vs. YAKA (FRA)


Clapham secure 5th place in dramatic style with Rob Schumacher getting the game winning block in sudden death against Furious George. Whilst the team will be rightly disappointed about not making Semi-finals, this is a landmark Worlds campaign for Clapham as they suffer a single defeat by one point to the defending World Champions, as well as a first (and convincing) victory over Buzz Bullets. They are the highest finisher of all European teams.

Win 17 – 12 vs. Buzz Bullets (JPN)
Win 17 – 16 vs. Furious George (CAN)

EMO found difficulty in their 9-16 bracket before closing the tournament on a sudden death win to finish 15th. The young Midlands squad have shown their worth at this tournament and undeniably stepped up once again with victories against Freespeed and Juggernaut. They smashed their seeding in a very competitive division and will be looking to continue their late surge up the rankings of British and European ultimate as the season continues.

Lose 11 – 17 vs. Ragnarok (DEN)
Win 17 – 16 vs. Juggernaut (AUS) 

Chevron beat Freespeed in their final game to finish 17th, also in dramatic fashion with Marky ‘JL’ Fandango taking the final point of the tournament with a layout callahan against the European Silver Medallists. This team will be disappointed to lose out on a top 16 finish, but show promise and grit to finish the tournament with only two losses at the hands of Juggernaut, and Clapham.

Win 16 – 14 vs. Tchac (FRA)

Win 16 – 13 vs. Freespeed (SUI)

Ranelagh had a brutal tournament to say the least with only two victories late in the tournament over FAB and in their final game against Mor ho! to finish 43rd. As tough as it is to face defeat on such a stage, the Dubliners will only gain from the lessons they learned in Lecco. Check out A Ranelagh Player to get a closer look at their Worlds campaign. Also took Spirit in the Open Division! Congrats!

Lose 17 – 11 vs. Gigolo (UKR)

Win 17 – 7 vs. Mor ho! (CZE)


Cambridge are the Cinderella team of the competition. Despite a pre-tournament friendly win against Bear Cavalry the team went to Lecco seemingly as GB’s second best mixed team. This was emphatically overturned by a pre-quarter meeting between the two teams, which Cambridge one in sudden death to proceed to the top 8 bracket, and knock out their British rivals in the process. Going on to finish 6th with only North American competition above them, the midlands team will be rightly delighted with their showing in Lecco.

Win 16 – 11 vs. Hanabi (JPN)

Lose 13 – 7 vs. Union (CAN)

Bear Cavalry fell short in the cruellest way at the hands of domestic rivals, finishing 12th. Their final game loss by one point to a team they had previously beaten will be tough to take, but the Warwick alumni team will nevertheless be proud of showing themselves a serious force capable of competing on the world stage.

Lose 13 – 17 vs. Wildcard (USA)

Lose 14 – 15 vs. Gecko (CAN) finishing 12th.

RGS missed their seeding by one after two losses on the home straight to finish 28th. The squad showed their quality as they challenged finalists Polar Bears (USA) early in the tournament, but were unable to creep up into the 17-24 bracket.

Lose 14 – 15 vs. Grandmaster Flash (POL)
Lose 15 – 17 vs. Catchup Graz (AUT)

Black Eagles notched a win over RGS and bared their teeth in opening game against eventual 4th place finishers Team Fisher Price (CAN). Their finish at 37th with two decisive victories suggest a much higher placement could have been within their grasps.

Win 16 – 12 vs. China United Ultimate Party (PRC)
Win 17 – 12 vs. Outsiderz (CZE)

Women’s Masters

ROBOT Finished 5th overall, narrowly missing out on the championship bracket. Their victory over eventual Bronze medallists Golden Girls (GER) suggests this finish to be deceptive in a division which, perhaps other than the North American finalists, was very closely matched.


Zimmer finish 7th overall after falling to eventual finalists FIGJAM (CAN) in the quarter finals. Whilst they couldn’t overcome FIGJAM or Surly (USA), their early tournament win over Vigi (JAP, 6th) and decisive victories over all other competition add up to a strong showing. 

Lose 17 – 12 vs. Surly (USA)
Win 17 – 10 vs. UFO Masters (FIN) 

BAF achieved strong wins as well as two sudden death losses first to UFO Masters (FIN) and then in their last game to Ultimate Vibration (FRA). They finish their tough campaign in 12th. 

Lose 13 – 17 vs. Wolpertinger (GER)
Lose 14 – 15 vs. Ultimate Vibration (FRA)

Finals – live streamed by Skyd Magazine

Women’s – Seattle Riot (USA) vs. San Francisco Fury (USA) (10:30am BST)
Open – San Francisco Revolver (USA) vs. Seattle Sockeye (USA) (16:00pm BST)
Mixed – Polar Bears (USA) vs. Drag’n Thrust (USA) (13:15pm BST)
Women’s Masters – Vintage (CAN) 17 – 13 Godiva (USA)
Masters – Boneyard (USA) 17 – 8 FIGJAM (CAN)

That’s all from the tSG coverage of WUCC 2014. Congratulations to all UK players and teams for a fantastic showing!

WUCC Results Day Four – Thursday 7th

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Keeping you up to date with how the UK teams get on today…

Final games in the power pools with quarters later.

Lose 13 – 7 vs. Scandal (USA)
Lose 11 – 17 vs Fusion (CAN)

Nice Bristols
Lose 11 – 17 vs. LMS
Lose 7 – 17 vs MUD

Win 17 – 11 vs. Nice Bristols
Lose 14 – 15 vs CUSB Shout

Today sees the pre-quarters and quarter finals.

Win 17 – 11 vs. EMO
Lose QF 16 – 17 vs Revolver (USA)

Win 17 – 15 vs. Frizzly Bears (GER)

Lose 11 – 17 vs. Clapham
Lose 11 – 12 vs. Lucky Grass (RUS)

Win 15 – 9 vs. Wildcard (NZL)
Win 15 – 13 vs. Flying Angels Bern (SUI)

Pre-quarters and quarter finals.

Bear Cavalry
Lose 14 – 15 vs. Cambridge
Win 17 – 12 vs Heidees Mixed (GER)

Win 15 – 14 vs. Bear Cavalry, and move on to quarter finals.
Lose 12 – 17 vs Drag’n Thrust (USA)

Win 17 – 12 vs. Vaasa Saints

Black Eagles
Lose 13 – 17 vs. Hippo

Women’s Masters
Last day of round robin.

Win 12 – 10 vs. Golden Girls
Lose 9 – 15 vs. Godiva

Quarter finals.

Lose 17 – 15 vs. FigJam

Win 17 – 10 vs. Mucche – Ult. Bergamo.

Excitement Elsewhere

Buzz Bullets come back from 14 – 11 to win in double game point. 

Clapham take the top seed Revolver to universe point in their quarter final. 

WUCC Results Day Three – Wednesday 6th

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Keeping you up to date with how the UK teams get on today…

All still to play for with more games from power pools tomorrow.

Win 13 – 11 vs. Cosmic Girls (RUS)
Loss 6 -15 vs. Showdown (USA)

Nice Bristols
Win 13 – 8 vs. Brilliance (RUS)

Win 15 – 10 vs. Rogue (AUS)

Familiar faces as Clapham and Chevron find themselves in the same power pool, where both will be looking to overcome Melbourne’s Juggernaut as well as each other.

Clapham – Undefeated, up into top 16 where they face EMO.
Win 15 – 12 vs. Juggernaut (AUS)
Win 15 – 11 vs. Chevron (UK) 

Chevron  – Down into 17-24 bracket
Lose 15 – 11 vs. Clapham (UK)
Lose 12 -15 vs. Juggernaut (AUS)

EMO – Up into top 16 to play Clapham

Lose 11 – 14 vs. Furious George (CAN)

Win 15 – 11 vs. Freespeed (SUI) 

Lose 11 -15 vs. Prague Devils (CZE)


Bear Cavalry – Undefeated, up to top 16.
Win 12 – 11 vs. Gecko (CAN)
Win 15 – 12 vs. Croccali (ITA) 

Cambridge – Up into top 16.
Win 14 -13 vs. IKU! (Japan)
Lose 8 -15 vs. Team Fisher Price (USA)

Win 12 – 6 vs. Panthers Bern (SUI)
Lose 12 -15 vs. Black Eagles (UK)

Black Eagles
Win 15 – 12 vs. RGS (UK)

Women’s Masters

Win 15 – 13 vs. Sanz (JPN)
vs. Vintage (CAN)


Win 15 – 8 vs. UFO Masters (FIN) move into 1-16 playoffs
Win 17 – 6 vs MTX (MEX) – Undefeated, up to top 8.


Lose 15 – 7 vs. Surly (USA) move into 1-16 playoffs
Lose 16 – 17 vs UFO Masters (FIN) – Down to 9-16 bracket.

Excitement Elsewhere

In the Women’s Division, Scandal narrowly avoid an upset beating Texas Showdown (feat. Bex Forth) 12-11.

Ragnarok (feat. Alex Cragg) beat CUSB in a tight game to guarantee top 16 and pre-quarter against Jonny Bravo.

WUCC Results Day Two – Tuesday 5th

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For those less Twitter-literate, keeping you up to date with how the UK teams get on today in Lecco. Scores will be updated as they come in, so keep an eye out…

Today’s play follows the Sunday schedule with only minor changes.


Iceni (8th)
Win 15 – 4 vs. Prague Devils (CZE, 23rd)

Nice Bristols (24th)  – Coming third in pool puts them in lower power pools.
Lose 15  – 2 vs. Traffic (CAN, 7th) 

LMS Ultimate (30th)
Win 12 – 7 vs. Brilliance (RUS, 14th)


NEWS: Potential schedule change going forward. Top 2 from each pool will enter into 8 power pools of 3 teams. Top 2 of the power pools go to top 16 play-offs. Important implication is that some groups will be 1st-1st-2nd seeds, and some will be 1st-2nd-2nd; substantial considering that only the top 2 proceed from power pools to final 16. Please note – this change is yet to be confirmed.

Clapham (8th) – Top the pool 3 – 0 going into power pools.

Win 15 – 7 vs. KFUM Orebro (SWE, 32nd) 

Chevron (12th) – Top the pool 3 – 0 going into power pools with game against Clapham tomorrow.
Win 15 – 13 vs. Heidees (GER, 36th) 

EMO (22nd) – Take 2nd in pool and head to power pools as a 2nd seed.
Win 14 – 9 vs. Crackerjacks (SIN, 46th)
Win 14-10 vs. Iznogood (FRA, 27th) 

Ranelagh (41st)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Mephisto (CAN, 17th)

Max McCartney takes the grab and makes sure of it for Clapham. Photo courtesy of Kevin LeClaire / Ultiphotos.


Bear Cavalry (8th) Top pool to keep 8th seed.
Win 15 – 8 vs. Slash (MEX, 32nd) 

Cambridge (18th)  Top pool to take 7th seed.
Win 15 -5 vs. China United Ultimate Party (PRC, 42nd)

RGS (27th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs Polar Bears (USA, 46th)
Lose 10 – 14 vs IKU! (JPN, 46th)

Black Eagles (38th)
Lose 10 – 15 vs. Salaspils FK (LAT, 14th)

Women’s Masters

ROBOT (6th)
Win 14 – 9 vs. Guacamayas (COL, 4th)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Funky Masters (FRA, 1st)


Zimmer (4th)
Win 15 – 4 vs. Yanomami (VEN, 16th)
Win 15 – 8 vs. Gronical Dizziness (NED, 17th)

BAF (8th)

Win 15 – 5 vs. Dedushka (RUS, 21st)
Win 15 – 8 vs. MTX (FRA, 11th)

Excitement Elsewhere

Iznogood pushed Buzz Bullets with Buzz narrowly taking half  9-8. Buzz emerged victors 15-11 in an unexpectedly close pool play match up.

Bad Skid have been knocked out of top 24 by Communidad del Oso (COL) in a contentious game which included a spirit time out. 

WUCC Results Day One – Monday 4th

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Keeping you up to date with how the UK teams got on today…

Things eventually got off to a boggy start in Lecco today after games from Monday were rescheduled due to waterlogged fields. Here’s how the home teams got on.
Full results are here.


Iceni seem comfortable as they take two wins, Bristol take 1 W 1 L, and LMS take a loss to the experienced Woodchicas.

Iceni (8th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Athletico (FIN, 23rd)
Win 14 – 10 vs. ZUF (SUI, 9th)

Nice Bristols (24th)
Lose 9 – 14 vs. U de Cologne (GER, 10th)
Win 13 – 9 vs. Rogue (AUS, 26th)

Little Miss Sunshine (30th)
Lose 9 – 15 vs. Woodchicas (GER, 19th) 


Clapham and Chevron both secure power pool qualification with two wins, EMO lose out to Buzz (view stream here), and Ranelagh unfortunately fail to get their first win on the board.

Clapham (8th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Ranelagh (IRE, 41st)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Mephisto (CAN, 17th)

Chevron (12th)
Win 15 – 10 vs. Wildcats (NZL, 37th)
Win 11 – 9 vs. Euforia (COL, 13th)

EMO (22nd)
Lose 6 – 15 vs. Buzz Bullets (JPN, 3rd) 

Ranelagh (41st)
Lose 5 – 15 vs. Clapham (GBR, 8th)
Lose 12 – 14 vs. KFUM Örebro (SWE, 32nd)


Bear Cavalry and RGS keep a clean record for the first pool play games, Black Eagles are unable to get their first win and Cambridge turn their pool inside out with a sudden death loss to the 31st seeds, and a 15-11 win over the highest seeds in their pool.

Bear Cavalry (8th)
Win 15 – 8 vs. Sexy Legs (EST, 41st)
Win 15 – 6 vs. UFO Mixed (NED, 17th)

Cambridge (18th)
Lose 14 – 15 vs. Panthers Bern (SUI, 31st)
Win 15 – 11 vs. Wild Card (USA, 7th)

RGS (27th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Fire of Anatolia (TUR, 46th)

Black Eagles (38th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Team Fisher Price (CAN, 11th)
Lose 7 – 14 vs. Grandmaster Flash (POL, 35th)

R.G.S getting horizontal on the first day of play. Photo courtesy of Kevin Leclaire/Ultiphotos.

Women’s Masters

The Brits finish the day 1 and 1, and in 4th position in the pool round robin.

Lose 8 – 15 vs. Welldone (FIN)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Primal (AUS)


Zimmer stay strong with two wins, and BAF end with a 1 and 1 for the first day.

Zimmer (4th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. MM (MEX, 24th)
Win 15 – 11 vs. Vigi (JPN, 9th)

BAF (8th)

Win 15 – 10 vs. Mokonui (NZL, 20th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Flood (CAN, 13th)

Excitement Elsewhere

Rumour mill: Davide is taken away from a universe point loss to Bad Skid by a WFDF rep – TRUTH: Davide was simply taken aside by his team during half time to calm down a little.
Viksjöfors push Furious George to 15-13, narrowly losing.
Texas Showdown lose out to Japan’s HUCK.
Cambridge beat the American Mixed team Wildcard to mix up their pool.
Some pitches are very boggy but weather was beautiful today. 
Schedule has changed a number of times in the day for tomorrows play but minimal effect for UK teams. 

One of the entrance roads into the venue, a little muddy. Photo courtesy of Kevin Leclaire/Ultiphotos.

WUCC 2014 Open Masters Division Preview: Blue Arse Flies

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Sean Colfer previews the second UK Open Masters team going to WUCC next week: Blue Arsed Flies. 

BAF preparing for WUCC at Tom’s Tourney this year. Photo courtesy of Get Horizontal.


Adam Batchelor
Alex Livingstone
Axel Baier
Ben Wickerson
Chris Hughes
Gordon Kelman
James Ayrton
James Rodgers
Jason DeCicco
Jaume Martin Serentill
Joe Pietrzak
Karl Mann
Lee Noble
Luke Gomm
Merrick Cardew
Neil Webber
Oli Browne
Robert Cooper
Sebastien Beltramo
Simon Townsend

About the Team

Blue Arse Flies, a team based originally around Evesham and Cheltenham, have been around for a long, long time now. They are in fact older than some of the people who have played with them in the past, such is their longevity and commitment to bringing through young players. They have played at WUCC in three decades, at St. Andrews in 1999, Hawaii in 2002 and Prague in 2010, in the mixed division. This time around they are moving into masters play, where they finished fourth at xEUCF in 2013, going down in sudden death to Ultimate Vibration of France in the bronze medal game. 

They are bringing a fairly large squad of 20 which should give them enough legs to keep their key players fresh. GB Mixed player Merrick ‘Mez’ Cardew is the standout name, an excellent athlete who is more than capable of creating the play as well as striking long for hucks from the host of vastly experienced handlers such as Chris Hughes and Adam Batchelor. Luke ‘Zulu’ Gomm is another excellent athlete who will command a lot of attention on offence. They have a number of good defensive players who have represented GB – including some who played in 1990(!) – and have played at the top level in Europe before and will be well capable of matching up with most teams in their division. 

Coaching and Playing Style

Much like Zimmer, BAF have not trained a great deal specifically for WUCC. They have been playing Open Tour all season with several of the younger players on their roster and will only have their first day without them on August 3rd – the first day of play in Lecco. However that isn’t the limit of their similarities with their fellow British masters representatives; these players know each other as well as they possibly could, and so dedicated trainings aren’t as vital as they would be for a younger, less experienced team. 

On offence they will almost certainly look to use big throws to their most talented receivers to make up ground in a hurry. Their game on Tour with younger players involved was to isolate talented cutters downfield and, with cutters like Mez and Voodoo in the team, will be looking to do the same in Italy. On defence, they are more than capable of playing effective zones with their know how and nous, but certainly have the legs and athleticism to grind out turns using man if needed. However, this could be where they run into difficulties in Lecco – consistently generating turns at an elite level without a deep line of players capable of getting blocks out of nothing is a challenge. 

Expected Finishing Place

BAF are aiming to compete as well as they can and to enjoy their experience of playing against some of the best Masters teams on the planet. They have some outstanding talent on their team but the squad is more top-heavy than the deep Zimmer roster, which may present issues when top teams are able to match them up with their top defenders. Their pool is quite tough (including Surly of the USA, last WUCC’s silver medallists), but if they can hold seed they would go into a more favourable power pool and could be in with an outside shot at a quarterfinal place. A range of 7-16 seems like its a reasonable landing spot for them, but it’s very difficult to see them going beyond that. I’m sure they’ll do well at the parties though. 

Predicted finish: 11th

Thanks to Merrick Cardew for his help with this preview and good luck to BAF!

WUCC 2014 Open Masters Division Preview: Zimmer

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Sean Colfer previews Zimmer in the Open Masters division at WUCC 2014.
UKU CEO Si Hill commanding Zimmer from the back at UKU Tour 3. Photo courtesy of Christine Rushworth.


Alan Harding
Ben Mitchell
Bob Himms
Dan Berry
Dave Barnard
Dave Sealy
David Moore
David Bixler
David Grayson
Elias Thaysen
Jim Hancox
Joe Bolton
Lars Patel
Lewis Glover
Matthew Ford
Paul Atkins
Rik Shipley
Rob McGowan
Rob Whitehouse
Si Weeks
Simon Hill
Sion Thaysen
Stu Mitchell
Tom Boreham

About the Team

Last time WUCC came around, Age Against the Machine were the representatives from GB. Age finished 14th in the division, winning three games over the course of the tournament. This time around, Zimmer are better equipped to make some noise in the upper end of the tournament, reflected in their top four seeding after winning the xEUCF Masters title at a canter.

Watching the Zimmer team is like watching an all-star team of UK Ultimate players from the early 2000s. There are representatives from every successful team in UK Ultimate history – Clapham, Chevron, Fire, Leeds and Brighton among them. This is a very talented, deep and (obviously) experienced team that has performed very well on Tour this season, including a 5th place finish at Tour 3 in Cardiff. Every member of the team has the fundamental skills needed to be a top level player and there are excellent athletes on show here, albeit slightly more wizened than in the Open teams from the UK.

The offence features a lot of what you would expect from a team with such experienced throwers. Their primary handlers are Ben Mitchell and Si Hill, latterly of Leeds and Clapham, with Rik Shipley, Lewis Glover and others able to play at the back as well. Their cutters on offence have a good mixture of size and speed and are all able to rotate as needed, giving the team good balance and a plethora of options.

The defence is similarly varied, with a number of players capable of playing tight man defence or applying effective zones. The ex-Chevron contingent, veterans such as Dave Sealy, Dave Barnard and Dave Grayson, feature alongside other ex-GB players to form a strong, deep defensive unit.

Coaching and Playing Style

On offence Zimmer are capable of mixing it up, as you would expect from a team that has seen everything that the game can throw at them. They have some very athletic cutters who take the top off the defence and allow players like the handlers mentioned above time and space to reset the disc and look for favourable match ups down-field. They didn’t see much zone during the Tour season, predictably so as it’s likely they would have gone through it with some ease in any conditions.

Their defence is strong as a man unit, with height and speed that is enough to generate blocks on any team in the UK. They have a zone that they like to break out as well that is big at the front and at the back with some nippy flexibility in the middle, making clever use of their personnel and causing a lot of problems around the handlers. The experience of all of these players at the very top level is evident, with everyone making smart plays to limit their opponents as much as possible.

Zimmer have not trained together a great deal but that shouldn’t hold them back. There are players who have played with each other for years – the chemistry that another team would want to work on in training is already there for Zimmer. 

Expected Finishing Place

Zimmer are the best team in Europe, but USAU National champions Surly, of Blaine, Minnesota, and runners-up Boneyard, from North Carolina, will be predictably strong; those from Canada and Australia will be tough opponents as well. That said, Zimmer should have the strength in depth to get to the quarter finals. Last time around, Helsinki Ultimate managed to make semis and lost to an Eastern Greys team inspired and led by Australian World Games star Tom Rogacki. That strong performance by a European team shows that the top four isn’t as out of reach as it appears to be in the Open division. I think Zimmer will reach the quarters, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can push it even further.

Predicted finish: 5th

BAF to come in the Masters division but ROBOT first. Best of luck to both teams from tSG!