The Grapevine – 28/06

Check out the latest Ultimate media from home and abroad on this week’s The Grapevine…

A short, but thought-provoking post on Benji’s excellent understanding ultimate talks about the importance of reacting after turnovers…

Whilst you’re at it check out the full footage of Bad Skid (GER) vs. Chiniya Rada (USA) – a game that some people are calling the best open final ever seen at the Windmill Windup…

In this week’s UtalkRaw Barry talks to Si Hill about the future directions of British ultimate…

Well loved ultimate writer Lou Burruss returns to contributing for SkyD to the joy of Frisbee nerds worldwide. Check his post out for various assessments of the US scene so far this year, as well as hints at future articles set to tackle the status of the various professional leagues, and the status of women’s ultimate.

ECBU is well under way, with GB making a strong start in all divisions. Check out for streaming and results, as well as Skyd’s Tournament Central for in-depth coverage.

Smatt’s latest post shows the madness of Tour 2 from Kapow’s perspective.

Got something we’ve missed? Let us know! Keep up the support for team GB in Spain, and look out for The ShowGame’s write-ups of Tour 2 next week… JCK @tSG

The Grapevine – 14/06

The Grapevine this week covers ECBU, U23’s and much more…

To start us off Benji asks Who Should You Listen To on Understanding Ultimate.

SkyD magazine announced their coverage of the upcoming European Championships for Beach Ultimate and the organisers have also created a live page ready for results, pics to follow from home.

Make sure to follow all the GB Beach squads going into ECBU on twitter, this helpful hashtag page will assist you. Also if you’re going to Sunburn this weekend you get a chance of playing 4 of the squads (Mixed, Women’s, Grand Masters and Mixed Masters) plus seeing a show game with the two mixed teams!

Now for some shameless plugging: we got a mention on SkyD magazine with the Irish piece from Mark and on …

UTalkRaw who interviewed John Maddox and Hannah Brew from the GB U23 Mixed squad, keep updated on their FB page. Also listen to episode 23 here, particularly the last few seconds. 

Finally, with T2 coming up fast relive T1 through our Twitter and this week’s review coverage.
GB Ultimate 2013.

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The Grapevine – 07/06

This weeks The Grapevine features a lot of home grown works along with some nice additions from the continent and further! 

Chrissy Birtwistle has written a piece for Forbes about “What defines you?”, she talks about what normal people might perceive of Ultimate and it’s players and how being different is a good thing. 

UTalkRaw talk to BULA president Patrick van der Valk in episode 22 

Matthew “Smatt” Hodgson, has written an opinion piece on Ultiworld giving us the key to Ultimate in the olympics.

Summer is here (finally) and what better place to go for you holidays than Croatia where an awesome looking tournament is being set up! See here for more details

ECBU has got it’s spirit director in Belgian Fery Vluff.

Understanding Ultimate have had a busy week but Benji’s last post was on how life just isn’t fair

SkyD start their ECBU 2013 coverage with the hosts Spain. Read up here.

Ultimate Interview talk to Tim Morrill on his high performance workout for Ultimate for a second time.

Finally, you may have noticed we have not run T1 reviews yet. This is due to us wanting to do as much as possible. Hence next week we should be having a division per day! Exciting right? 

Ultiworld – the premier news media site dedicated to the sport of Ultimate

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The Grapevine – 17/05

GB Trick Shots, blog mash and Ben Wiggins working at Five: all in this weeks The Grapevine.

Dominic Clark and Justin Foord have some fun in the sun with Mazda, great work guys. No messing around with bins either!

Ultimate in Poland is exploding and Get Horizontal cover a recent tournament there plus check out all their Tom’s Tourney coverage, including a great review, where Blue Arsed Flies won SPIRIT!! 

GB u23s have all been training hard hear about the Women’s squad on the UKU website.

In a total mash up of UK/Irish blogs Mark Earley interviews UTalkRaw’s Barry O’Kane; awesome!

Barry interviews the Ultimate physios who aid the GB squads at their tournaments, talking about surviving tournaments.

ECBU organisers are looking for a Director of Spirit read about and apply from here.

Benji Heywood writes more on cutting, juking in particular, on his blog.

Over in the US, Tim Morrill the undisputed king of strength and conditioning in Ultimate does an AMA on Reddit. Also see Ben “the Postman” Wiggins working at Five Ultimate.

ECBU in June where 7 GB squads will battle it out for beach glory!

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