The Grapevine – 27/12

Christmas Edition of The Grapevine, bringing cheer to you from the Ultimate world.

Ultimatum has been shipped and people have started receiving them including our great partners Get Horizontal … what do you all think? 

Talking of GH, they will be at BubblePest this year (indoor 3G tournament in Budapest). Where Good Lord (London) will be defending their title in 2014. See the trailer here.


UK Ultimate need you! An events coordinator is needed for all UKU events and it’s a paid job! Apply here.
We want to wish all our readers, contributors, friends and families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

DP @ tSG

The Grapevine – 13/12

The Grapevine covers this weeks Ultimate from near and far…

Get Horizontal (our European partners) gave us a promotion on twitter whilst reminding us there is no ‘I’ in team (although there is a me?) with Brummie’s “No Heroes” piece.

Iceni and SYC released their trial schedules for the coming season, London and South East women get to both and enjoy some high level women’s ultimate! See their FB posts below:

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Our German friends who came to London’s Calling last year (coming back?) took some advice from us in Bordeaux airport and did an english episode!! And it was awesome, watch it here.

Nice one! We always love to hear your suggestions and really want more contributors for the coming seasons, keep your eyes open for a big announcement soon. Especially if you love frisbee chat… DP @ tSG. 

The Grapevine – 06/12

The Grapevine – this week in ultimate news!

Benji brings us the second part of his detailed breakdown of the IO break throw

As well as featuring in a UTalkRaw podcast discussing his coaching methods

This week Nakul’s piece on ultimate and Depression was joint published both here on The ShowGame and on Skyd Magazine – check out and share this great article!

The GB and World Games coach Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone has been making waves overseas with this article on how to improve your team’s offense. The piece stirred up plenty of discussion, which can be found here

Finally the yearly UK Ultimate magazine Ultimatum is soon heading to the printing press! Take this opportunity to ensure your membership (and address!) is up to date so you don’t miss out on a copy…

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The Grapevine – 15/11

Ultimate News from around the country and beyond…

WFDF have revealed which nations will be granted the additional bids for WUCC 2014…

Benji updates us with his throwing mechanics project

Whilst Ultimate Rob posts on forehand mechanics from a different but still technical point of view…

Push Pass coverage of all 36 games from xEUCF is now online – check out a sly callahan by Kapow in this clip

Tim Morrill has completed his tour of the UK and is soon to release the latest in his Ultimate Fitness Products – F.U.T.U.R.E 1.0

Things have been a little quiet over the past few weeks at tSG but rest assured we are hard at work! Keep an eye out for new content in the coming weeks… – JCK@tSG

The Grapevine – 08/11

The off season is in full swing, see what the Ultimate world here and afar is getting up to in this weeks The Grapevine. 

In breaking news, after an amazing season in the UK and Europe, Devon Ultimate have secured themselves an exclusive Ultimate marked field in Exeter (possibly the first in the UK?), amazing…See how it looks from one of the players’ Twitter:

We now have our own pitch kindly supplied by Devon Council @devonultimate #swag

Happy 3rd Anniversary to SkyD and to celebrate SkyD are raising money to help develop Ultimate media further! We like this. Go give some cash (remember to add $15 for shipping of cool swag) to this great cause.

Our very lucky friend, Bommie from Get Horizontal interviews Ring of Fire player Roy Matthews at USAU Nationals last month with the help of Five Ultimate.

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The Grapevine – 25/10

Apart from Uni Regionals a lot is going on elsewhere – The Grapevine…

Bommie from Get Horizontal was very lucky to get to go to USAU Nationals along with Five Ultimate go read his recap of the experience. 

Our great friend Mark Earley is the TD for the Golden Keg in Dublin next summer. Many UK and internationals teams should be in attendance and registration has opened up! Get signed up! 

Make sure to follow your favourite Uni teams on twitter this weekend, read our coverage and go start the season with a bang! Hashtags: #SEUOIR #WUOIR #NUOIR #MUOIR 

Finally a MUST READ is an interview with one of the supposed creators of the sport, UltimateRob shares the original piece and adds some current context too.

Have a great weekend folks! DP @ tSG.

The Grapevine – 05/07

This weeks The Grapevine covers blogs, results and #ukut3 squads…

Full ECBU 2013 results can be found here with a lot more on the website! Huge congratulations go out to all who represented Great Britain and thanks to every supporter out there or back in blighty! Watch out for our insiders review in next few weeks….

Ragnarok are representing Europe at the US Open in Raleigh, North Carolina. Started play yesterday but Get Horizontal have brought together all the info you need to follow them!

Love to jack it deep? See what Benji has to say about hucking on Understanding Ultimate.

UTalkRaw is really starting to bring in the ultimate celebrities, check out episode 26 where Dan Roddick tells us about the beginnings of Ultimate itself! 

A cool analysis blog, Ultimate Strategy and Coaching has recently started looking into NexGen games with the aide of the match footage. Find it here!

Last but not least, EMO have been doing a great job on pitch and with their social media. Like their FB page where you will find not only their team lists for the upcoming #ukut3 but read the piece from Ian ‘Scot’ Scotland – EMO’s mentality change in 2013.

EMO having their best season so far in 2013.

Enjoy the sun and Wimbledon semis and finals! More to come soon! DP @ tSG.