Ultimate wins in battle between two newcomers

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Julia Dunn watched the match-up between the Indian and South African Women’s teams on Monday, and saw more than just players improving their skills. She investigated the story of the game from both sides.

Two of the newcomers at Worlds for the Women’s division brimming with excitement, spirit, and love for Ultimate, South Africa and India, found each other today in one of the tightest games of the day. These teams have surpassed borders and barriers to play at this tournament, and will bring everything back to boost women’s Ultimate in their communities.

#SideLinesU23 – Women In Indian Ultimate

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Charlie Blair talked to Team India at U23 in London and discussed Women’s Ultimate in India.

The Indian team’s presence at Under 23 World Championships this year was a welcome and wonderful addition to the international stage. Although this was by no means the first national team to represent India, the 2015 Under 23 team is considered the first truly Indian team, after having been trialled and selected on ability alone. Before arriving in London, they had already captured the world’s attention with two short films documenting their inspiring journey: Nicky Smith’s Everybody Plays and the Sundance Short Film Winner, 175 Grams. Thanks to a hugely successful sponsorship campaign and donations from across the world, this team has brought together players from different economic backgrounds, castes and languages, as well as both sexes.

As in most countries, in India the opportunities to participate in sport are largely designed and dominated by boys and men. However, Ultimate’s culture of equality that is part of the Spirit of the Game and promoted by the community not only facilitates an opportunity to provide girls with an outlet for sport where few exist, but is a powerful tool that has the potential to help change attitudes towards women in general.