The Grapevine EUCF 2014 Special

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This edition of the Grapevine will be updated to follow EUCF over the weekend.


Make sure to check out our preview and follow the action on our twitter and Get Horizontal’s twitter or live update site and use the hashtag #eucf2014 if you’re there!

Today’s Results

(Full results @UltiOrganiser)


Clapham topped their pool and will play a Quarter final today against CUSB la Fotta.

Chevron finished 2 -1, and face Finnish team Otso in their Quarter Final.

EMO Finish 2-1 (losing to Cambridge) and as a result finish third in their pool. They beat Brighton 15-14 this morning, earning them a Quarter Final in the 9-16 bracket.

Fire missed out on a 5-12 Pre-Quarter after losing in sudden death to 7 Shwaben, who topped the pool and took the only top bracket spot. Fire play Cotarica Grandes today in their 9-16 Quarter Final.

Brighton’s 15-12 loss to Heidees took them to the 9-16 Pre-Quarters, however a sudden death loss to EMO drops them into the 17-24 bracket where they play Reading this morning.

Cambridge caused trouble by upsetting EMO in the pool stages, but after losing their Pre-Quarter are now in the 17-24 playoff bracket. They play Danish Aarhaus Ultimate in a bracket with Brighton and Reading.

Reading were unable to get a win in their pools despite coming close in a 15-13 loss to M.U.C. They are in the 17-24 bracket where they will play Brighton this morning.


Iceni went 5-0 with a +51 goal difference for pool play. They play E6 in a semi final today, and look en route to face up in the final with old rivals Woodchicas, who have also been dominant so far.

SYC had a tough first day losing all 4 of their first group games but scored a win against Spain’s Fendisc in their final matchup today. They now are playing in the 9-12 bracket.


Despite coming close Birmingham were unable to get a pool play win on day one. Their matchup today with Swiss team FlyHigh was unfortunately also a loss, and they will now play for 9th.
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Pingu Jam also had a disappointing first day, losing all matches including the zoomorphic UK grudge match replay against Thundering Herd. Their game against Ultimate CUS Brescia – Bubba will provide a last opportunity for a pool play win but will not take them above the 9-12 bracket.

Thundering Herd were the only British team to take a win in pool play against Pingu Jam and as a result will also be playing for 9th, first against Fly High.


EUCF 2014 Preview

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Josh Coxon Kelly, David Pryce and Matt Hodgson preview the UK teams heading to the European Ultimate Championship Finals in Frankfurt this weekend…


The team that everyone is talking about in Europe (Clapham) at the moment will be unlikely to head to Frankfurt with an ounce of complacency, especially with what may be a significantly depleted roster as availability dips towards the end of a very long season. Clapham undeniably have the ability and form to win their third successive European title, and looked to be a level above other European competition in Lecco. However, they will be given strong chase by a whole host of elite teams hungry for change, and have also been given the 2nd seed after ballot which will only encourage those with eyes on taking down the London powerhouse.
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Whilst Cheron will be disappointed with their finishing position at Worlds, they will also come out of it a far stronger unit than when they left. Chevron typically perform well in Europe despite fielding smaller (and often younger) rosters, and will hope to climb back up to the semi-finals after finishing outside of the top 4 in Bordeaux for the first time since 2010.

Rich Cowie and Tom Abrams go up together in the final of EUCR-W 2014

Rich Cowie and Tom Abrams go up together in the final of EUCR-W 2014