#SideLinesU23 – Surface Tension

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Sean Colfer looks at the unique situation in Spanish Ultimate
Despite a huge sports-loving population, Spain have struggled to develop into a team that can compete at the level of other European Ultimate countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Their team at these championships is the first Under 23s team they have assembled, and it was no mean feat. Many of the players are students, and some of the best players eligible are going to Copenhagen and so were unable to come to London.
However, the coaches of the team have seen progress here, and hopefully will be seeing more across the country, both with changes that are being made to how Spanish Ultimate works and with good work going on in some clubs with players at a younger age. Nicky Chapman explains:
“This team didn’t have a lot of time to train together before the tournament. Some of the players have had to get to know each other and how each other play during the tournament which has made it hard, but we are happy with their development. We have been working with them and want them to learn specific things to help them improve, and they’re doing it so far. We’re happy about that. We hope now that some of the kids in Spain will want to play the next under 23 tournament and we can keep going from here.”