The Grapevine – 26/07

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The Grapevine this week covers every age group Juniors, U23, World Games and Masters!

We have had ECBU and still have players out in Toronto and Cali for U23 and World Games (helpful page coming soon) the Juniors have the European Youth Ultimate Championships coming up, schedule and pools is out!

As mentioned U23’s is ongoing and our page is being updated daily with scores and facts, Open are in the 1v8 quarter today so keep up the support as we enter the last few days of this tournament…

…and the first days of World Games in Cali. The Opening ceremony was last night and Ultimate games start on Sunday. The TD’s have arranged this amazing score reporter called WING, which will show game time, time outs, goals, assists, Ds, drops, pulls and touches during the game or during the tournament; also a fresh new tool which draws the disc trajectory. For more details check out the Grapevine WG special tomorrow.

Our coverage of ECBU is now done and Chrissy Birtwistle from the Womens team has written another piece for Forbes on failure leading to success.

After a small hiatus Ultimate Interviews returns with a chat to the Ultimate field marker Martin Rasp.

UTalkRaw is on holiday for a bit so contact Barry if you have any ideas for new shows but Understanding Ultimate is not and discusses hard work, talent and Ben Wiggins

xEUCF is not that far away and all the regional allocations have been decided and two Masters teams have already been accepted! Who will go from Open, Women’s and Mixed teams? Regionals next weekend then Nationals over Bank Holiday to decide!

Busy times! Keep supporting the U23’s with #u23wfdf and following their twitter accounts.

ECBU GB Review

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David Pryce tells the GB story from last months ECBU campaign.

Whilst our u23’s battle for international glory in Toronto we finally review ECBU for GB. Over 100 GB athletes along with medical staff and supporters went to Calafell, Spain to take on the continent in the European Championships of Beach Ultimate at the end of June. Expectations and confidence were high and a lot of great results came out of the tournament. Highlights for each squad were:


  • Shock in early game loss to Latvia.
  • Get through by beating Spain by enough points and meet Portugal in pre-quarter. 
  • Ease through both pre-quarter and QF to semi final vs Germany, close game but go catch it here.
  • Make final to play Switzerland, slow start and get beaten to half 8-4. Second half comeback but couldn’t quite make it back. Well deserved silver medal
GB and Portugal Open after the Brits take the win. Photo courtesy of Chris Whittle.


    • Show pitch game against Ireland was only loss in pool but meant nothing, still went to quarters
    • Strange schedule (re seeding top 8?!) meant replay of Ireland game for QF.
    • Disappointing loss in QF and next game against France gives another pool replay vs Poland for 7th/8th placement.
    • After losing Francesca Scarampi to a dislocated shoulder for a huge layout score in tight game, play restarts. Win in sudden death, finish 7th.


    • Only lost to eventual winners Russia in pools.
    • Beat France 12-9 in quarters.
    • Universe point loss to Swiss in semi.
    • Final game loss to Germany but I feel this squad is not done.


    • Took Gold in a great final against France.
    • Always made points cap and only team to score more than 7 were France in the final.
    • Si Hill really gets flying after securing his medal.
    Photo courtesy of Clarwen Snell.

    Mixed Masters
    • Few tight games to starts against France and Belgium winning by 2 and 3.
    • Better play against Spain and Austria winning both 13-4.
    • Final pool game against Germany very tight but win by 2.
    • Semi against France = win. 
    • Final against Germany again another tight affair and with 10-8 lead the Germans come back to take game. 
    • Silver and Spirit winners!

    Womens Masters

    • Early blip to UEI, loss in universe point.
    • Other pools games go the right way except second Germany game.
    • Final is third game vs Germany.
    • Tight affair but loss by 2, another silver for GB.

    Grand Masters

    • Couldn’t beat France (the eventual winners) or Austria but…
    • Always got the best of Germany (played them three times)
    • Finished the weekend off in 3rd.

    The full standings can be found here plus spirit results here

    Here we collate all the country results into a medal table (like the Olympics) where it is ordered by number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals we could get something like this.

    We can see that the teams that had a squad in every division come top 3, as expected. GB make second from losing out in the Open, Mixed Masters and Women’s Masters finals but only team to get a medal of every type. Special mention goes out to all the SOTG winners: Germany (Women’s Masters and Grand Masters), GB Mixed Masters, Switzerland Open, Spain Masters, Belgium Women’s and Turkey/Portugal Mixed.

    What does all this mean? Well GB performed well in most divisions and as a player I know that many of the teams and players want more beach as well as representing their country. Worlds is in two years and teams might start to form even earlier to work on the strong basis of ECBU. Keep an eye out at Paganello 2014 for some of these teams trialling players and structures ready to take on the world.

    Well that’s beach done with. More grass coverage coming up! DP @ tSG.

    ECBU Ireland Review

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    Mark Earley tells us of the Irish success at ECBU last month.

    Irish Mixed team make history in Calafell

    About a week ago now, the European Championships of Beach Ultimate took place in Calafell, Spain. The tournament was hosted by the local team Peixets, ably lead by the Tournament Director Juan Carlos (better known as ‘Mom’) and his team of staff and volunteers. Two Irish teams attended the event, both with contrasting results, as anticipated.

    In the Open Division, a young and inexperienced Irish team made the journey and found the going tough. They were beaten well by most opponents, despite starting every game strongly and showing much potential throughout. Winning just one game during the week was frustrating for a group of players that will feel they should have beaten Hungary, a team that pipped them in a sudden death game on the Saturday and beat them by 4 on the Sunday. They did not face Portugal, who finished below them but would likely have beaten a nation whose focus was on the Mixed division, much like Ireland’s.

    Leading in to the tournament the Irish Mixed team had done nothing but impress. They had won two warm up tournaments and had finished fourth at Paganello, narrowly losing to the finalists and in their bronze medal game. They came in confident but focused. Unfortunately for them the week started as badly as it could with Poland jumping to a 6-0 lead and closing out the biggest upset of day 1 by winning 10-8. Ireland regrouped though and ended top of their group having thumped Turkey and UEI, beaten the Netherlands in a tight 10-8 win and getting the better of a GB team who had already qualified by winning 4 group games. That put Ireland top of the group and allowed them maintain their seeding. 
    Daragh Ó’ Céilleachair makes a bid against Turkey (Spirit winners) in pool stages.

    The quarter-finals were the cause of a Captain’s Meeting and much discussion at the end of the days play on day 2 of the tournament. Due to various teams holding seed and a number of odd results the schedule saw teams who had already played each other in pool play meet in  the quarter-finals. Sweden, among others, objected but given that the schedule had been emailed to all captains and agreed upon they were left with little choice to stick by it. While this was undoubtedly fair, it gave the draw a somewhat lopsided look with Russia, Germany and a (very) under-seeded Sweden all on one side. However, as many people noted, you need to beat the best to be the best.

    Ireland faced GB in their quarter-final and produced their most complete performance of the tournament in a repeat of the previous day’s pool game. Haring out of the blocks the Irish converted 3 quick turns and didn’t look back, taking half at 7-2. They never let their foot off the gas and won 13-4, sending a statement of intent to the rest of the competition. If ever a team needed to shake off a defeat, this team did it with this game. Suddenly the Polish loss seemed like a year a go, not a mere two days previous.
    Seamus Murray sends another disc long against GB in their QF match up.

    Portugal were the team in their way of a berth in the final. Another trip to the Arena for what promised to be a cracking match up. The teams had met twice previously, with Ireland having won both games in testing conditions and with Portugal missing some big players. This time the wind was a factor once more, but perhaps not as much as expected. Both teams began nervously, trading turnovers but it was David Pimenta who stood out, as he single-handedly tried to swing the game Portugal’s way with a number of big blocks and grabs. However, the strength of Ireland’s women, and indeed their offence, began to shine through. They went 3 points up late in the game and despite a Portuguese fightback, won out to ensure a place in the final, and a medal.

    The final was the last of the games in the Arena on day four of ECBU 2013. The sun was shining, the wind blowing and the crowd in good voice. Ireland faced a Swedish team who had lost just one game, in pool play against the Germans – a game they avenged with a crushing victory in the semi-final, and who were playing extremely well. With years of international experience among their men and speed, agility and athleticism across the women, it was hard to see a weak link in the Swedish team. That said, it was a final and few teams are adverse to mistakes in front of a big crowd.
    Sweden and Ireland after the Mixed division final.

    The game began cagily. Both teams turned over in odd ways – misread discs, overthrown hucks and some drops. Eventually Sweden punched in the goal and were on the scoreboard. Point two saw them break the Irish offence again and so the theme for the game was set. Ireland could not get the space they were used to around their handler reset and their female players were facing their toughest battle yet. A slow start was unlike them and they appeared a little rattled, making mistakes where previously they hadn’t. A few dropped discs, a couple of marginal calls and all under sustained Swedish pressure left Ireland chasing the game and the more they chased the more the fight slipped away from them. It was a frustrating and disappointing end to a brilliant season and talking to the players after the game they felt like they’d under performed on the big stage. Sweden can take credit for a lot of the problems caused but Ireland will have to shoulder some of it too.

    Ireland Mixed take Silver at ECBU.

    Having watched from the sidelines it was easier to immediately understand how much their achievement means for them as players and indeed for Irish Ultimate as a whole. This is the first team to come home from any major championship with a medal and they won it in style, finishing the season with only a handful of losses. They played with swagger, aggression and Spirit. They won over opposition teams and impartial fans with their honesty and sense of team. What’s more they did it all with a legion of fans at home willing them on, cheering their every move and hoping they’d bring something back to Ireland once the sand settled in Spain.

    Looking further down the line this result is an example to young players of what can be achieved with hard work, tactical nous and a focus on putting team chemistry ahead of all else. There are many Irish teams setting off this summer, all younger than most of this Mixed Beach team and no doubt keen to replicate their efforts. If they look at how the team applied themselves and how they behaved they will learn a lot. This Irish team is one for the Irish community to be proud of, one the three captains can look back on with pride and one which has set a high bar for teams to follow. Here’s hoping it’s just a start…

    Yesterday was a massive day for the community making that $15,000 in a couple days for, looking forward to WG streaming! Like, share, comment and contribute! DP @ tSG.

    The Grapevine – 05/07

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    This weeks The Grapevine covers blogs, results and #ukut3 squads…

    Full ECBU 2013 results can be found here with a lot more on the website! Huge congratulations go out to all who represented Great Britain and thanks to every supporter out there or back in blighty! Watch out for our insiders review in next few weeks….

    Ragnarok are representing Europe at the US Open in Raleigh, North Carolina. Started play yesterday but Get Horizontal have brought together all the info you need to follow them!

    Love to jack it deep? See what Benji has to say about hucking on Understanding Ultimate.

    UTalkRaw is really starting to bring in the ultimate celebrities, check out episode 26 where Dan Roddick tells us about the beginnings of Ultimate itself! 

    A cool analysis blog, Ultimate Strategy and Coaching has recently started looking into NexGen games with the aide of the match footage. Find it here!

    Last but not least, EMO have been doing a great job on pitch and with their social media. Like their FB page where you will find not only their team lists for the upcoming #ukut3 but read the piece from Ian ‘Scot’ Scotland – EMO’s mentality change in 2013.

    EMO having their best season so far in 2013.

    Enjoy the sun and Wimbledon semis and finals! More to come soon! DP @ tSG.

    The Grapevine – 28/06

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    Check out the latest Ultimate media from home and abroad on this week’s The Grapevine…

    A short, but thought-provoking post on Benji’s excellent understanding ultimate talks about the importance of reacting after turnovers…

    Whilst you’re at it check out the full footage of Bad Skid (GER) vs. Chiniya Rada (USA) – a game that some people are calling the best open final ever seen at the Windmill Windup…

    In this week’s UtalkRaw Barry talks to Si Hill about the future directions of British ultimate…

    Well loved ultimate writer Lou Burruss returns to contributing for SkyD to the joy of Frisbee nerds worldwide. Check his post out for various assessments of the US scene so far this year, as well as hints at future articles set to tackle the status of the various professional leagues, and the status of women’s ultimate.

    ECBU is well under way, with GB making a strong start in all divisions. Check out for streaming and results, as well as Skyd’s Tournament Central for in-depth coverage.

    Smatt’s latest post shows the madness of Tour 2 from Kapow’s perspective.

    Got something we’ve missed? Let us know! Keep up the support for team GB in Spain, and look out for The ShowGame’s write-ups of Tour 2 next week… JCK @tSG

    ECBU 2013 Preview

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    David Pryce, Josh Coxon Kelly and Lauren Bryant bring the ECBU preview as seen on SkyD Magazine a couple weeks ago. With only 1 day to go get behind our GB squads and follow them at

    Number of active players: – approx 3000, (106 at ECBU).
    Notable beach tournaments: Sunburn, Copa del Soul, C.U.B.E, Frostbite, Quicksands, West Coast Fours, Sandcastle.
    Past participation in beach championships: WCBU 2004, WCBU 2007, WCBU 2011.
    Division participation at ECBU 2013: Open, Women, Mixed, Open Masters, Mixed Masters, Womens Masters, Grand Masters.

    Overall most players in the UK learn and continue to play on grass.
    In the beginning like so many countries the sport developed in the early 1980’s at university sports fields across the country. Teams like Warwick Bears, Sussex Mohawks and many more sprung up across the UK eventually forming clubs through friends and finally gaining momentum into the clubs we see today.
    With the concentration of students and eventual alumni in the capital, London has become a hub for UK ultimate boasting many top flight teams in all divisions with Clapham and Fire in open, Iceni and SYC in womens and not forgetting Royal Goaltimate Society and Thundering Herd in the mixed.
    In recent years through the hard work of many in Brighton Ultimate on the south coast has also seen the beginning of a similar hub joined with local universities and feeding directly into the club scene. However, what of the beach? The UK’s sandy beaches may not be the best in Europe or at times good for ultimate but us hardy Brits don’t let that stop us and get our beach fix a couple times a year here and taking many a team to Paganello. For some years beach ultimate has been seen as more of a fun version of the serious grass sport. In the past this is how teams and players who represented GB may have seen it too. GB Open took a huge step last summer on the grass in Japan, namely getting to a Worlds final and gaining a silver medal. Will we see this success on the beach? Possibly with the amazing gold for the Mixed masters at WCBU 2011, the tide may have turned. Regardless of the past Great Britain will be represented by 7 very strong squads in Calafell this summer, here is what the teams look like and what we think they could do.


    Beach veteran Jaimie Cross leads the British Open squad who are hoping to improve on their 2011 WCBU showing where the British open squad placed 11th overall, and 8th out of the European teams. Without the draw of the international grass open and mixed squads, this year’s ECBU team is not short of top club talent. David Stobbs, Magnus Wilson and Kai Yokoo Laurence joining Cross to make up the Clapham contingent, however the bulk of the squad is made up of players from Fire of London, with no less than 8 players forming the core of the squad this year. Cross, David Ford, Elliott More, Chris Whittle and Richard Roberts further benefit from their experience together in WCBU. However the team will undoubtedly have its sights set higher than GB beach open’s last outing. This year’s team entered Paganello in preparation coming 7th overall, and by doing so are showing themselves to be a serious outfit with high aims for the tournament. Compared to the sands of perhaps Spain and Italy, Britain has classically lacked a prominent beach scene. This squad will look for on-pitch connections from both club and country as they try to upturn this and take on the thriving European beach scene.

    GB Open (Jurassic 5) at Paganello 2013. Photo courtesy of Get Horizontal.


    The GB women’s beach squad will be looking to capitalise on the success of their campaign in Italy two years ago that saw them take a bronze medal in WCBU2011. Despite beating eventual winners the US during the pool stages, GB lost in sudden death to Canada in the semi and denied a spot in the final, but convincingly won the 3-4 playoff over Germany to take the last podium spot.
    The team heading to Calafell this year sees many returners from the previous squad. Captain Bex Forth, who has won Paganello more times than most people would believe possible, has a core of players that includes World Games squad members (Becci Haigh, Ellie Hand) European championship-winning Iceni (Lily Huang, Ange Wilkinson, Liza Bowen and Rachel Kelly) and Brighton women (Megan Hurst, Alize “Bob” Clough and Chrissy Birtwistle). But there are no passengers on this team, with 17 excellent women boasting a combination of speed, skills and smarts.
    Bex’s unrivalled knowledge and experience of the beach game will be apparent from the get-go: expect this squad to be well-drilled, efficient and intelligent, and to return to the UK as champions.
    GB Womens training in Bournemouth. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hand.


    As seen over the past few years at EUC in Slovenia and WUGC in Japan Mixed Ultimate in the UK is thriving on grass and the same can be said on the beach. At WCBU 2011 the Mixed squad, mostly made up of Warwick Bears and Brighton players, came in at 5th only just behind other European teams Germany and Portugal.
    This years team is a very different one, with an on paper cut performed before trials in February the decisions were already tough for player manager Jon “Kos” Brooks and captains Adriano Scarampi and Lauren Bryant. However a squad was selected, after a snowy beach trial, of 17 players; 9 men and 8 women. The men consisted of a small unit of last years Tooting Tigers in James Jagger, Fred Shone, James Threadgill and David Pryce whom Scarampi knew he could mold into the systems the team wanted. Alongside these few stand other great players behind the disc (Luke Tobiasiewicz), downfield cutting (Emmanuel Bennett) and creating D’s like the best (Jonathan Clark). Over on the ladies side all but one of the 8 are Iceni players and altogether create a formidable force that could be a good womens team let alone the mixed side they have become. With the height and defensive awareness of Francesca Scarampi, Lauren Bowman and Stephanie Lees no endzone is easy to get into and handlers akin to Mara Alperin and Catherine Vaughan will strike fear into every team. In the middle of the pitch the speed of Catherine Gale, Ania Zbirohowska-Koscia all led by Bryant will force many a lady to have no space and no options.
    This team have competed together once this year already taking 9th (came out bad from a three way tie) at Paganello only losing two pool games to Team Belgium and JetSet in sudden death; their first competitive game. In the process beating France, Belgium (placement game) and previous finalists Corocotta. They will also attend the UK beach tournament Sunburn in June (ED: which they won beating open teams on the way) to finally hone their team tactics and get those all important plays straight. If this team can keep their heads on straight and play their own game expect to see them in quarters. From there who knows what could happen.
    GB Mixed (Gold Blend) at Paganello 2013. Photo courtesy of Get Horizontal.


    The GB Masters team brings together a considerable amount of beach pedigree, with many of the team having played in (and in some occasions won) Paganello finals.  After bracing the less than mediterranean conditions at a snowy Poole trial last November, a squad has been picked that offers plenty in relevant experience, as well as a wealth of past club connections. Dave Bixler has come over from the recent open squad to a position of captaincy amongst the masters. Rob McGowan and Simon Weeks will have invaluable competition experience after they took a Worlds gold with the Mixed Masters in 2011. Brothers Sion and Elias Thaysen bring an added dimension of danger to the team in the form of a fraternal connection that has alone frustrated many teams in the past. With the addition of formidable experience as well as past successes at a european club level from players such as Captain Dave Grayson, Dave Barnard and Stu Mitchell, (all of whom won gold at xEUCF 2009 with Chevron), the masters must be approaching ECBU with aims of nothing short of Gold. As they did last year in preparation for Japan, the masters will be playing the open squad at their upcoming training weekend – last year age prevailed over beauty as the masters famously came out on top of the grudge match, and with such a strong squad they will surely be looking to repeat this upset on their way to Callafel.

    Mixed Masters

    At WCBU 2011 Great Britain came out as champions in the Mixed Masters division being one of the only European teams to ever beat a North American team. The team going to Calafell this year looks to take this strength even further. They may have lost Si Weeks, Rob McGowan (the stars) as well as the experienced Wayne Davey and Jack Goolden to Open or retirement. However they have filled their spots with youngsters Al Harding and Jon Aaron who have the disc skills and defensive awareness to play an important role. True masters of the game Jason DeCicco, Mike Palmer and Steve Balls will hold the O line together once again. On the women’s side Maria Cahill brings great experience and handling skills to the team, complimented by the likes of Worlds veterans Rougier, Snell, Thomas and Byrne this team will be a force to be reckoned with.
    By the time ECBU starts, they will have had 5/6 try-outs/training sessions, and two preparation tournaments: they played at the Monte Gordo Invitational as two separate teams, coming 3rd and 5th. They will also be at Sunburn playing alongside the Mixed team just before Calafell.
    Going in as number one seed will be a great boost for this team and with minimal loss from Worlds you can’t see much going wrong. The rest of Europe will really have to play it’s sand socks off to beat this lot.
    GB Mixed Masters at Copa Del Soul 2013. Photo courtesy of Kristina Cernusakova.

    Grand Masters

    Captained and anchored by ex-Chevron palyers Steven Kennedy (who captained the squad in 2011) and Simon Barlow, this year’s GB Grand Masters have seen a considerable increase in applicants compared to past years, and with this increase in competitivity at trials they are confident that they have been able to pick a team of competitors able to help them secure gold. Building on the foundations of past GB beach teams with notable additions of Wayne Davey and Jack Goolden (both of whom featured on the successful GB Mixed Masters squad at WCBU 2011), as well as ex-Chevron and GB Open captain Harry Golby, this team boasts that their top 5 could take on of the other squads’ best lines. 2011 saw a disappointing campaign for the Grand Masters (they placed 5th of 5, winning only 1 of 9 games), but this comes from a division that admittedly has one of the smallest player pools to draw from in the country. However, thanks to a continuing expansion of the UK scene, this year sees a team with much higher ambitions who hope to use ECBU 2013 as a stepping stone to 2015 where they have their eyes on bigger, and specifically North American game.
    GB Grand Masters at Copa Del Soul 2013. Photo Courtesy of Andrew Moss.

    Women’s Masters

    A new division to the beach championships, the women’s masters competition only has four teams – GB, France, Germany and the casual European Islands. But despite its small size, going ahead with the division will lay the groundwork for a bright future of women’s masters events, much like the small women’s masters division last year in Japan at WUGC 2012.
    Eight of the twelve players on the GB women’s masters squad played together in Japan, including captain Felicity Perry and vice captain Linz Wilkinson. They are joined by former GB women’s captain and all-round UK ultimate legend Gemma Taylor. The squad is composed of a core of LLLeeds women that know each other well, as well as additions from the rosters of Bristol and SYC.
    Further to this, nine members of the GB women’s masters team will be playing UK women’s tour together this year as R.O.B.O.T: Really Old Birds On Tour, a women’s masters team. The team is targeting the top 8 bracket and with two tour events to play ahead of ECBU, this will afford them plenty of opportunities to gel together. The team will also be playing at UK beach tournament Copa del Sol in preparation.
    In such a small and new division, results are difficult to predict. The team played Paganello earlier this year in the women’s division and finished 9/10, but it is not easy to draw conclusions from this. With many members of the team playing at top level, it would not be hard to see this team making the women’s masters final – and having a great time doing it.

    Follow every squad on twitter

    All the feeds (if hashtagged properly) will appear on the live page. #ECBU2013 #GBR #OPN #WMN #MIX #MAS #GRM #WMM #MXM

    Let’s go GB!! DP @ tSG.

    The Grapevine – 21/06

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    This weeks The Grapevine has a bit of Tour 2 with a smattering of news from the continent and a big chunk of ECBU!

    Barry O’Kane brings us a great episode of UTalkRaw chatting to Liam Kelly on the Matalan Sporting promise and community clubs.

    Benji discusses the age-old one hand vs two hand catch debate on UnderstandingUltimate.

    As you all know this weekend is Tour 2, all the information you could need is here. Read our preview or for a different perspective, along with our T1 reviews, and make sure to tweet with the hashtag #ukut2.

    At Tour 2 the U23 Mixed team are loaning themselves out (not many left, so get on it) to give massages/get water/carry flags. They have also set up the amazing opportunity to pit yourself against their speed gun to see who is the fastest thrower on the tour! For more details check out their FB page or message them.

    World Games is only a couple weeks away! Richard “Gash” Harris has made a small trick shot video, go check it out and follow the WG team on Twitter/FB where player profiles are also being released! Sneak a peak at some of the competition on Ultiworld.

    Another big GB tournament begins next Thursday in Calafell, Spain. ECBU2013 will see the maximum 7 GB Beach squads pit themselves against Europe’s finest, catch our exciting preview written for SkyD magazine and follow all the action at

    In preparation for ECBU, four GB teams went to Sunburn last weekend. GB Mixed won the tournament and GB Mixed Masters won spirit! Watch out Europe!

    Our partners Get Horizontal are celebrating 3000 likes on their FB by having a beach party at ECBU – if you are there join the fun! Also have a read of their Windmill Windup coverage for some great photos and write ups.

    So much going on, and we will cover as much as we can! Still looking for a spectator at T2 for tweeting, apply within! Laters, DP @ tSG.