Development Stagnation – A Discussion of Teams v Clubs

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Mark Bignal delves into how he feels about the state of Development in the UK.

I’d like to start a well needed discussion about what I believe to be a factor limiting the development of the sport in the UK: how we are focusing too much on developing Ultimate teams, and missing out on the benefits of developing Ultimate clubs.

For clarity, I’ll be using the following definitions here:

Team – A team usually consists of one squad (sometimes two) and is only focused on providing a single type of opportunity: whether high, mid or low level competition, or even those for social players, beginners and juniors, etc.

Club – A club aims to create more than one type of opportunity for their player base.

All-Stars are changing the conversation

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Julia Dunn spoke to some of the women involved in the All-Star Ultimate Tour to discuss the effects the Tour is having on women and Women’s Ultimate around the world.

Fifteen female athletes from all parts of the United States, Japan, Canada and Australia recently undertook a trip of a lifetime, travelling over 4500 miles to play nine elite club teams in cities across the United States. The All-Star Ultimate Tour just wrapped up its second year after being founded to address the gender gap in media coverage, and has the goal of promoting the visibility of women in Ultimate. The women who made the Tour, selected based on an application, were the leaders on their respective college teams, played each other as adversaries on the field, and came together to showcase elite Women’s Ultimate. This project forms one of the many initiatives to promote Women’s Ultimate in the world, and has given female Ultimate players around the world a set of role models.

VC Lookfly – An Interview with Steve Giguere


theShowGame had a quick chat with Steve Giguere of Lookfly fame. This post is sponsored by VC Lookfly.1437550218

As the only domestically based Ultimate shop and kit manufacturer, Lookfly have been a well-known brand to the UK Ultimate scene since their inception. They have grown and changed dramatically as a company, developing a specifically ethical focus at the core of their company. Despite their UK locality, and commitment to transparent and environmental practises, it is clear if you step onto an Ultimate field that Lookfly have faced competition from kit providers from Europe, the USA and beyond. Last year, Lookfly partnered with VC, who have over recent years become one of the largest Ultimate brands and kit providers in the USA. We spoke to Steve Giguere, founder of Lookfly and now Director of VC Europe to discuss the changes this has brought about, what it means for the future of Lookfly and for Ultimate apparel in the UK.

Why the WUGC Kickstarter needs to succeed

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Dan Godbold presents his views on why the WFDF Kickstarter needs to succeed, not just for WUGC but for the sports wider goals. 

I’ll put this bluntly to start off with: If the Kickstarter for the WUGC stream fails to raise all it needs, and even raise above that, you can kiss the Olympics goodbye.
Other people have espoused all the good that could come from this fundraiser. I will not be joining them (entirely), as this article will make clear. I believe that this Kickstarter is a risk, that it comes with a chance of failure, and that failure will have an effect.

Frisbee is gr8


This is repost of a wonderful piece from new ShowGame contributor Aidan Kelly on his experience in Ultimate to fight confidence issues. Please follow his blog at

Ultimate is unique in so many ways. Considered an ‘almost sport’ by muggles, or that weird hobby by your family, it’s hard to imagine my life without it. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d even still be here.

For years, I’ve had self-confidence issues. When I was a teenager it was pretty terrible, but as I got older I learned to deal with it. And, by ‘deal with it’ I would essentially suppress it for as long as I could. This meant I’d have spells of being incredibly low, to the extent where I wouldn’t be able to function for weeks. But hey, I would always think it was better to let it all out in one giant spell once every year or two than have it affect me all the time. In hindsight, it was pretty poisonous. To put it into a simple, cliched metaphor, it can turn you into a ticking time-bomb.

London Women’s University Ultimate

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As Women’s Indoor Regionals approach, Lauren Bryant summarises the goals and aims discussed at the recent London Women’s University Ultimate meeting.


The Club and University representatives who gathered for the recent meeting.