Power Pool M Review – Europe keeps it interesting

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his comprehensive Men’s coverage with a summary of the most interesting power pool so far.

Power pools kicked off today in the Men’s division. Pool M contained four European powerhouses in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria. Two out of the three rounds happened today, making for a lot of crazy action, some surprising results and a whole lot of German speech in the games.

#SideLinesU23 – Playing the Long Game

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Sean Colfer talks to the Austrian Open Coach, Michael Zellinger about the team’s history leading up to London 2015

To say that Austria have exceeded expectations in this tournament would be incongruous with their results in recent seasons.

Their team defeated Great Britain in power pools in Toronto 2013 before GB’s victory in the later replay left them seventh. Their senior team finished 14th at London Calling in 2014. That finish masks how well they did – some of the best club and national teams in Europe, including Clapham, Viksjöfors, two French Open teams and Bad Skid, were also at that tournament.

#SideLinesU23 – Austria vs. Colombia – Open Division Match Report

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Sean Colfer reports on yesterday’s power pool matchup in the Open Division 

Austria came into this match on a high after their their live-streamed victory over Great Britain on the show pitch – yet another statement of intent after topping their pool (despite an unexpected loss to Belgium). A win would continue their unbeaten run through power pools, and guarantee a top two place ahead of their matchup with the United States on Thursday morning.

Colombia had different concerns. They were chasing a victory to remain in contention for a quarter-final spot. They were winless in the power pool and needed to win here and against Australia, also winless in the power pool, to stand a chance.