Mixed recap: Aussies take aim at history

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Sean Colfer summarises the semi-finals of the Mixed division ahead of the final this morning.

Today the Australian Mixed team will play the United States Mixed team in the final of the World Ultimate and Guts Championships. For the Americans, this could be the crowning of a remarkable campaign so far – they’ve conceded fewer than four points per game so far, and boast some of the best players in the world on their team. For the Australians, the task is clear; stop one of the most dominant teams in the history of Ultimate on the biggest stage of them all.

Men’s division reaches the semi-finals stage: what’s happened so far

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his Men’s coverage by looking at what happened on a rainy day in London.

Only four teams remain in the Men’s division of WUGC after four games of intense Ultimate today in London.

USA vs Colombia: 15-2

This quarter-final was a blowout. The Colombians just didn’t have the athleticism or skills to keep up with the favourite in this tournament. Sadly the only real event of note in this game was a Colombian player leaving the field with a broken leg on some unfortunate contact during the game. USA make their way into semi-finals tomorrow.

Mixed round-up: playing for second?

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Sean Colfer has been watching the Mixed division this week and has been looking for evidence that any of the other teams can challenge the USA’s all-star roster.

The United States of America are the best team here. That much is not in doubt. They have played seven games so far before the quarter-finals and have conceded 22 points – an average of a hair over three points per game. They’ve hard-capped everyone. So, with an average score of 15-3, I think it’s fair to say they’ve been absurdly dominant.

Women’s quarter-finals are set: what happened and what to expect

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Victoria Higgins watched the Women’s division closely yesterday in case you didn’t. Here’s a report on what happened at the end of power pools, including the fall of Great Britain, during crossovers and during pre-quarters to set you up for the exciting day of women’s Ultimate in prospect today.

Pool play

Pool C closed at 1:30 pm. Sorry, no one’s getting back in. This is most unfortunate for the women of Great Britain, who accidentally left a break in there and missed out on a spot in pre-quarters by exactly that margin. Switzerland managed to lose to them in the first game of the day, but not by quite enough to lose their seat in the next round of elimination play—in a three-way tie in Pool C with Germany, Switzerland, and Great Britain each taking four wins and two losses, Great Britain needed one more break on Switzerland to stay alive.

Pre-quarter madness in the Men’s division

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his recaps of the Men’s division by going back over the pre-quarters.

The Men’s knockout stages are underway and we started with the pre-quarter and crossover rounds today. Quarter-finals are tomorrow, semis on Friday and finals on Saturday.  Here is what the brackets look like.

Colombia tap into the elements to top pool D over Australia

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Victoria Higgins watched Colombia play Australia in an instant classic. Here’s what she saw.

Agua agua! Fuego fuego! Colombia keep setting and unsetting poachy defensive formations to prevent Australia from gathering momentum. They keep hurling themselves through the air and crashing back down to the earth to make possession-saving catches. And most importantly, they keep the disc moving. What follows is a blow-by-blow account of the most thrilling game of Ultimate the Women’s division has witnessed so far this year at Worlds.

Soaring throws from the Ladies Down Under

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Julia Dunn will be covering games and finding stories in the Women’s and Women’s Masters divisions. Here’s her first recap for the ShowGame.

The first round of games for the Women’s Masters division started off with a nail biter between the talented Australian and Finnish Women’s Masters teams. Both teams, at the top of pool B, were barely fazed by the windy conditions. The game showcased beautiful hucks, and the teams played a tight and spirited game until the very end.