Hannah Brew – Brighton Ultimate

Name: Hannah Brew #85

Age: 23

Height: 5ft 7 and 3/4

Started Ultimate in: 2011

Teams played for: Brighton, GB U23 Mixed 2013, GB Beach Mixed

On-pitch specialities: Being lour and throwing far

Day Job: Medical sales

Likes: Frisbee, Making toilet jokes, Knitting, Spreadsheets

Dislikes: People who litter, When you make some toast and realise the bread is mouldy, 3pm on the Sunday afternoon of a tournament.

Biggest achievement in Ultimate: Captaining Brighton Panthers to mixed indoor nationals!

An interesting fact: When I hang upside down my cheeks are so fat they obscure my vision.

What I would be doing if not for Ultimate: Revelling in how much spare time I suddenly had.

Favourite Film: Mrs Doubtfire

Favourite Food: Roast dinner

Sporting Hero: Steven Gerrard- he was supposed to marry me.

It’s 16-16 in the final of Mixed Worlds, you to receive. Who’s on the line with you?: Obviously I would pick 6 other players from the GBu23 mixed squad!

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