Abi Cohman – Brighton Ultimate

Name: Abi Cohman, #63!

Age: 21

Height: 5’6

Started Ultimate in: 2012

Teams played for: Sussex Mohawks, Brighton breezy

On pitch specialities: Cutting deep, making space for others! Reading discs.

Day Job: Student and work in retail

Likes: Holidays/travelling and seeing new places, Apple pie, Watching terrible TV on my days off, Cheese

Dislikes: Aniseed/liquorice, Lightning, Escalators (I got my shoe stuck in one once)

Biggest Achievement in Ultimate: Getting on the gb mixed team is my biggest achievement! If not that then I’m most proud of creating a women’s team for tour

An interesting fact: I climbed Kilimanjaro last summer after fundraising for a year with the help of Brighton ultimate

What I would be doing if not for Ultimate: Actually studying for my masters

Favourite Film: The muppets Christmas Carol

Favourite Food: Roast dinner

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