Lucy Hyde #7 – Relentless Ultimate

Position: Handler cutter
Favourite throw: Forehand of any variety
Proudest frisbee moment: Getting picked for GBU23
Most embarrassing frisbee moment: Having my skort accidentally pulled down mid-game at Res – couldn’t play the rest of the game cause I was laughing too much
Pump-up song: “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
Frisbee Idol: Lisa Pitcaithley (she’s awesome at frisbee and pulls off the skort)

Essential Tournament food: Ribena
Dream job: Manchester United Team Doctor
Signature Dish: Harissa Chicken
Most Relatable Film Character: Can’t think of a film character so I’m gonna go with TV and say JD from Scrubs

Hogwarts house: HUFFLEPUFF
How I take my tea: No tea, lots of Ribena

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