Camille Kostov – Punt

Name: Camille Kostov #38

Age: 22

Height: 5 ft 5

Started Ultimate in: 2010

Teams Played for: Cardiff University, Nice Bristols Ultimate, Punt

On-pitch speciality: Run through Ds

Day Job: Medical student

Likes: Running, Holidays, Disney films

Dislikes: Cold, Being late, Chocolate

Biggest Achievement in Ultimate: Being on the line to win women’s tour with Punt!

An interesting fact: I’m actually French

What I would be doing if not for Ultimate: Getting a medical degree.

Favourite Film: Pirates of the Caribbean

Favourite Food: Vegetable stir fry

Sporting Hero: Thierry Henry

It’s 16-16 in the final of Mixed Worlds, you to receive. Who’s on the line with you?: Josh Coxon Kelly, Sam Bowen, Kei Matsumoto, Katie Jackson, Rachel Dean, Megan Cumberlidge (the people who taught me frisbee)

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