Sophie Shire #88 – Devon Ultimate & PinguJam

Position: Handler
Favourite throw: Sidearm
Proudest frisbee moment: Captaining GB at U20 Worlds in Dublin 2012/ coming 2nd at Mixed Nationals with PinguJam in 2014
Most embarrassing frisbee moment: during my first GB U17 trials a disc caught me in the face resulting in a broken nose and lots of blood. One way to make an impression!
Pump up song: “Knockout” – Lil Wayne
Frisbee Idol: Kelsey DeLave or Jools Murray

Essential tournament food: Jelly beans
Dream job: PE Teacher
Signature dish: Chicken and veg
Most relatable film character: Storm (I think it’s the hair)

Hogwarts house: HUFFLEPUFF
How I take my tea: Lemon green tea

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