Sophie Wharton #29 – Nice Bristols Ultimate

Position: Cutter
Favourite Throw: Pitch length hammer (one day)
Proudest Frisbee Moment: Making the GB U20 squad in my first year of playing
Most Embarrassing Frisbee Moment: Most tournament parties…
Pump Up Song: “Lassitude” – DJ Fresh
Frisbee Idol: Octavia Payne

Essential Tournament Food : Peanut butter and jam bagels
Dream Job: Ski writer, or something where I get to travel the world
Signature Dish: Nothing in particular, probably something sweet and baked
Most relatable film character: Kevin McCallister from Home Alone

Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR
How I take my tea: I don’t drink tea. I can’t believe they let me on the team.

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