Tiffany Anderson #21

Position: Cutter
Favourite Throw: Forehand
Proudest Frisbee Moment: Winning University Varsity and getting selected for the GBU23 women’s squad.
Most Embarrassing Frisbee Moment: I used to get confused which way we were scoring after a turnover, very confused. In every game.
Pump up Song: Jock Jams ‘MegaMix’
Frisbee Idol: Octavia Payne/Sandy Jorgensen

Essential Tournament Food: Doritos, any flavour!
Dream Jobs: Beyonce
Signature Dish: Fajitas, it’s the only thing I can cook.
Most Relatable Character: The Rock, obviously.

Hogwarts House: SLYTHERIN
How I take my tea: Milk,Sugar with biscuits.

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