Joe Wynder – EMO

Name: Joe Wynder

Age: 22

Height: 6ft

Started Ultimate in: 2007

Teams played for:
RED 07-08
EMO 09 – Present
Pingu Jam 10 – Present
GBu17s ’08
GBu20s 09-11
GBu23 Open ’13

On pitch speciality: Throwing

Day Job: Barman

Likes: Football, Computer Games, Fitness, Snooker, Sushi.

Dislikes: Rugby, Overly Spicy food. Spiders

Biggest Achievement in Ultimate: 2010 GBu20s Bronze; 2014 Emo Ultimate @ WUCC in Lecco

An interesting fact: I Play 10 hours of Football a Week

What I would be doing if not for Ultimate: Probably playing more Football

Favourite Film: Van Wilder

Favourite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Sporting Hero: Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s 16-16 in the final of Mixed Worlds, you to receive. Who’s on the line with you?
1. Daniel ‘Colonel’ Furnell
2. Christian ‘Bobby’ Zamore
3. Jake Ewan Aspin
4. Hannah Robertson
5. Kat Cheng
6. Jools Murray

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