Tessa Hunt #70 – Relentless

Position: Cutter
Favourite throw: An assist, coming from someone else to me.
Proudest frisbee moment: SeXXXpensive boat party at Paga
Most embarrassing frisbee moment: Stripping my own teammate running past as she pivoted out and having to admit it and explain exactly how I’d done it when she called it on the other team.
Pump up song: “Nobody” – Skindred
Frisbee Idol: Eri Hirai

Essential tournament food: Coconut Macaroons!
Dream job: Translating for important/beautiful French & Spanish actors/musicians/sportspeople at fancy events.
Signature dish: PIZZA CRUMPETS (yup that’s tomato & cheese on a crumpet) & pies!
Most relatable film character: The Bride – Kill Bill

Hogwarts house: GRYFFINDOR
How I take my tea: Chai, cos I’m fancy.

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