Rupal Ghelani #74 – Loughborough University

Position: Cutter
Favourite Throw: See ‘Most Embarassing Frisbee Moment”!
Proudest Frisbee Moment: Playing for the U20 GB team last year in Lecco, such an honour.
Most Embarrassing Frisbee Moment: Getting hit in face with my own disc when I tried throwing an upwind forehand and getting a nosebleed
Pump Up Song: “Dangerous Love” by FUSE ODG
Frisbee Idol: Claire Chastain

Essential Tournament Food: Peanut butter and banana, on toast
Dream Job: Tutoring maths to children with autism
Signature Dish: Mixed beans curry
Most relatable film character: Parminder Nagra (Bend It Like Beckham)

Hogwarts House: RAVENCLAW
How I take my tea: Milk, no sugar. Or Indian masala tea

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