Cameron “Camy/Cagnew” Agnew – Glasgow Ultimate

Name: Cameron “Camy/Cagnew” Agnew #88

Age: 21

Height: 5 ft 11 and 3/4 in

Started Ultimate in: September 2012

Teams played for: University of Strathclyde Ultimate: Dark Horses
Glasgow Ultimate

On-pitch speciality: Going deep, laying out pointlessly

Day Job: Marketing Student

Likes: Laying out, Pepperoni Pizza, Wearing odd headwear to play in, Frisbee kit, Reddit, House Music

Dislikes: Tuna, Not winning, Annoying people, How expensive Frisbee is

Biggest achievement in Ultimate: Asides from GB?
Voted team MVP for Tour 1 for Glasgow Ultimate in my first ever tour event (also having photographic evidence of me skying Timmy Perston)

An interesting fact: Dislocated my shoulder 9 times and can juggle fairly well

What I would be doing if not for Ultimate: Playing a lot of video games and still ignoring my degree

Favourite FIlm: Pulp Fiction

Favourite Food: Pepperoni Pizza from Dominos

Sporting Hero: David Beckham

It’s 16-16 in the final of Mixed Worlds, you to receive. Who’s on the line with you?: Beau, George Stubbs, Jimmy Mickle, Opi Payne, Rohre Titcomb, Lisa Pitcaithley

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