Callum Spiers – Vision

Callum ‘C-Dawg’ Spiers.

Other Teams: University of York, SMOG, LeedsLeedsLeeds, Frizgods, Vision

Day job: Music Tutor

On-pitch specialties: I usually drop one disc hilariously every tournament; give-go moves; trundling around but never stopping

Likes: ULTIMATE: playing, watching, coaching, filming, photographing, editing, being. I love the friz!
I like playing music (piano and drums with a bit of guitar), working on my jazz piano at the moment, with a bit of Disney and some classical stuff too (reasonable rates, call me!)
I also like Marmite, juggling, fitness and my own sense of humour.

Dislikes: Facebook clickbait, right-wing politics, my lack of joint flexibility, long on-pitch discussions in Ultimate and the way I always, always leave/ lose stuff everywhere.

Biggest achievement in ultimate: I scored on Michael Natenburg during a fun hat tournament in Croatia when he was playing on about 70%. (Tank plays/ed for Doublewide and was on the USA 2013 World Games team)

If that doesn’t count, then my biggest achievement is making it onto this team, because Ultimate did not come easily to me. I was completely and utterly awful for my first year and a half.

An interesting fact: I was taught how to do the moonwalk in year 6.

What I would be doing if I wasn’t playing ultimate: I would have got much better marks in my Music degree and would probably be pursuing a proper career in music, maybe as a composer, big band arranger or as a professional drummer.
More likely I’d be a full-time accordion busker.

Favourite film: My inner princess is telling me it’s Tangled

Favourite meal: Meat feast pizza

Sporting hero: John Hassell (GOAT, Canada)

It’s 16-16 in the final of mixed club worlds. Who’s on the line with you?

Alex Mazzon, Max Moseley, Joe Wynder, Camille Kostov, Jo Lewis and Hannah Brew.

MT1 this was our sudden death line against the GB senior team in the quarter final. We should have scored then, so we’ll deffo score next time!

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