Felix Shardlow – Coach

Name: Felix Shardlow

Age: 32

Height: 6′

Started Ultimate in: 2000

Teams Played For: Mohawks, Brighton, Shocker, Clapham, GB Open

Specialities: Offensive positioning, throwing, breaking the force

Day Job: Frisbee

Likes: Go, cats, piano, guitar, hexagons, triangles, Quake, Minecraft, pasta, eggs.

Dislikes: Stickers, labels, onions, disingenuousity

Your Ultimate Achievement?: Euro Mixed Club Champion 2009.

An Interesting Fact: Saturn has a hexagonal storm at its north pole, which is twice the diameter of the Earth and has winds of 330mph.

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing Ultimate?: Sidelining.

Favourite Film: Fight Club

Favourite Food: Eggs and veg.

Also Known As: “Dad”

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