Final Great Britain World Games training squad

The final trial list for the Great Britain World Games team has been announced. The final trial, held in Edinburgh in February, will see the final 39 trialists compete for a place on the team that will represent Great Britain in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The team includes players from across the UK, with players from nine teams attending the final trial including representatives from all six teams that competed in the finals of UKU Nationals. Clapham lead the way with 12 players on the final list, while Iceni have seven and SMOG have six.

Three of the players have played at the World Games before – Tom Abrams, Justin Foord and Ollie Gordon, all of whom played in Cali in 2013.

The final team competing at the World Games will consist of seven male matching and seven female matching players.


Tom AbramsClapham
Cameron AgnewAlba
Andrew BoxallAlba
Alex BrooksClapham
Hannah Brew Iceni
Ben BurakChevron
Declan CartwrightChevron
Thomas CartwrightClapham
Leila DennistonDeep Space
Justin FoordClapham
Nina FinleyDeep Space
Katie Flight Iceni
Rupal Ghelani SYC
Ollie Gordon Clapham
Robbie HainesChevron
Andrew HillmanClapham
Tessa HuntSMOG
Marius Hutcheson Deep Space
Lucy Hyde SMOG
Amelia KennethIceni
Fiona Kwan*Iceni
Karen KwokIceni
Carla LinkBristol
Alexis LongClapham
Connor McHaleClapham
Bailey Melvin Teng Bristol
Rachel Naden SMOG
Bex Palmer Reading
Will RowledgeClapham
Ellie TaylorIceni
Becky ThompsonIceni
Helen ThompsonSMOG
Rachel Turton SMOG
Sam Vile**Deep Space
Molly Wedge Bristol
Conrad WilsonClapham
Nick Williams SMOG
Nathan WraggClapham
Ashley YeoClapham
* – Did not play in 2020, played for Iceni in 2019
** – Also team manager