UXIR: Yorkshire and East Midlands recap

Tanny Karimi and Sasha Squires look back at mixed indoors in the Yorkshire and East Midlands region, reflecting on the return to frisbee and what the the tournament was like.

After a long and rocky road with Covid-19, the thought of playing university Ffisbee has been something on everyone’s mind, and mixed regionals did not disappoint. 

With Nottingham 1 winning the last regionals and dominating nationals, it was expected that they would replicate the performance at this year’s regionals. However, Nottingham lost a lot of their top players such as Maya Israel & Joel Miller and fell to eventually finish fifth and make Div 2 nationals, meaning the top spot was once again up for grabs. 

From the start of the tournament, Sheffield 1 took control, performing exceptionally in every single game. A lot of strong players were part of their squad, including some highly experienced ladies such as SMOG players Helen Thompson and Samantha Choo. Sheffield also managed to field three teams for this tournament who all performed very well, especially their third team who had a massive improvement across the weekend, highlighted by the massive improvement in scores in their repeat game against Leicester 1.

Along with Sheffield 1, Loughborough 1 and Leeds 1 also dominated the tournament with both teams retaining their reputations of high performance and consistency. This consistency was well showcased by Loughborough who once again managed to get two teams to nationals, the first team finishing second narrowly behind Sheffield and going to Div 1 and the second team falling more comprehensively to Leeds in the game to go, so heading to Div 2.

Another notable performance was by spirit winners Nottingham Trent. Excellently led by Tauhid Ibrahim, they managed to up their seed by two to gain themselves a spot at Div 2 nationals, beating Sheffield 2 in the game to go, a particularly impressive feat given the new players on their team. 

Overall it was a brilliant weekend and a great way to welcome university tournaments back!