UMIR 2021: East and London preview

With men’s indoor regionals this weekend, we’ve got some previews for you! Here’s a look at the East and London from Magnus Oakes and Arjun Bhushan.

After the exciting Mixed Regionals the region prepares for what should be a hotly contested Men’s Regionals. With two new teams and the different compositions that Men’s forces it seems unlikely that the results of mixed will be entirely repeated. Two Division 1 and two Division 2 spots at nationals are up for grabs at this tournament. Below each of the teams are listed in their seeding rank with a short preview of their tournaments.


UCL’s depth was impressive at mixed and will probably bring a squad hungry to get another Div 1 national spot for their programme. They brought a lot of speed, height and dangerous give-go moves that we likely see again this tournament. Again, their committee must be commended recruitment wise as bringing three teams is a feat.


Imperial’s failure to qualify for nationals at mixed places some pressure on their men’s team to perform in this tournament. Highly seeded and placed in a group with the team who knocked them out of nationals considerations at mixed, they will certainly be a team to watch this tournament. Hopefully they can build off what they learned at UXIR and produce a strong result.


Hertfordshire are something of a dark horse this tournament. Without Ernie Simons (St Albans), a key player on their teams in the past, and with the long break since their last tournament it will be exciting to see what kind of a team they produce this tournament. We would be surprised if they held the seed they have been given.


Kings continue to have dominant players, but it will be interesting to see if their second team can produce the men needed to have depth that was previously provided by their excellent women. The Jacob Rheins (Colorado Mamabird) to James Lee (Deep Space) connection will continue to be incredibly dangerous but if teams can work out a way to stifle their iso play they may be challenged more than they were at UXIR.


Cambridge were amazing at UXIR and hoping to build on that success in men’s. While often known as an outdoors team pretending to play indoors, they showed considerable aptitude for defending all sorts of indoors offences at mixed and will be an exciting team to watch this tournament. Their second team ranked highest out of all the second teams last tournament so hopefully that depth translates into their first team well.


UEA were phenomenal at UXIR, but it will be exciting to see how much of that was down to their explosive female players like Alana Clane (Longhill High School). What is certain is that they will be well drilled and comfortable, looking to repeat their success at mixed. Their defence was especially potent at mixed, with their zone and wall causing all sorts of problems for many a team. They have also done very well recruitment-wise and will be bringing three teams.


Brunel are no longer a dark horse. With their securing of a nationals spot at mixed for the second season in a row they are a team are probably under-seeded and one to watch. Their group with Imperial 1 will definitely be something of a grudge match and hopefully their men’s team can live up to high standard set by their mixed performance.

Anglia Ruskin
ARU are a bit of an unknown variable having not come to mixed this year. Having talked to their president, they sound excited to come and play their best frisbee. They are certainly a team to keep an eye on and could pull off an upset or two but are probably not nationals contenders.


With all that said, we think the first teams will finish:

  1. Kings
  2. UCL
  3. Cambridge
  4. Imperial
  5. Brunel
  6. UEA
  7. Hertfordshire
  8. ARU