ShowGame Podcast: Episode 7 with Liam Grant

Sean is joined by commentator, WFDF athlete commission chair and TD of next year’s planned World U24 Championships in sunny (?) Limerick, Liam Grant. They talked about all those things, what it’s been like organising a tournament under the shadow of Covid, and how much they both loved Japan. Liam also turns in a stellar performance in BEST LINE, throwing shade at everyone else’s line and claiming multiple players for Pelt.

How’ve you been during the pandemic? (1:24)

Under 24s next year in Limerick (3:30)

Why did you decide to put the bid in for this tournament? (4:11)

Is there anything else you might try to get there, any larger strategy? (7:15)

What are the facilities there like? (8:27)

How weird has it been organising this during Covid? (11:25)

Anything unexpectedly difficult? (16:38)

What’s it been like on the athlete’s commission? (19:20)

On commentary, has there been any event that stands out? (25:12)

BEST LINE: Liam picks a mixed team (28:37)