ShowGame Podcast: Episode 6 with Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone

Sean spoke to Brummie, the founder of ultimate coaching resource Flik, longtime player and coach of several GB teams. Brummie talked about his experiences at the World Games, World Championships and what people can do during the lockdown to improve as players.

– How lockdown has been (1:00)

– Starting Flik, and how the journey so far has been (4:09)

– What’s been the biggest challenge so far? (6:39)

– What can people do during lockdown and periods of other restrictions? (9:20)

– Importance of video analysis (12:16)

– The change in the availability and wealth of video footage, and researching opponents via ex-pats (16:58)

– What’s next for Flik, and what else can you do? (18:57)

– What thing has changed the most during Brummie’s brief, almost two-decade career? (24:21)

– And what hasn’t developed as much, and how to improve at it? (26:34)

– LA28 reaction and multi-sport event experience at the World Games (29:41)

– What one thing is Brummie most proud of? Contains existential discussion on the nature of failure in sports (39:03)

– BEST LINE: Brummie picks his best line and blames Sean for any omissions he might have made (48:40)