ShowGame Podcast: Episode 5 with Emily Powell and Charley Ferris

Sean spoke to two University club presidents this week to get a sense of how they’re dealing with the restrictions and how uni players in general are feeling about the lack of a season so far. Emily, from Strathclyde Uni, and Charley, from Nottingham, talked about how their clubs have adapted, trying to look after everyone’s mental health and what might come next.

– Intro about new regulations (0:11)

– How has it been running a club in these uncertain times? (1:57)

– Has it been more difficult to recruit beginners? (3:34)

– What about teaching them to play? Has that been harder outdoors given that the indoor season is gone? (7:52)

– How have trainings been with all this uncertainty going on? (11:14)

– How is the club off the field, how have you been keeping track of everyone’s mental health? (13:10)

– What comes next in terms of tournaments, have you had any indications? (15:53)

– This isn’t what you expected when you ran for these positions at your AGMs, right? (18:11)

– How do you avoid this year being a lost year for uni ultimate? (19:15)

– The unexpectedly high workload in keeping a club going this year, and the importance of the people at the unions (22:05)

– BEST LINE: Charley picks his mixed line up (25:53)

– BEST LINE: Emily does likewise (27:56)