ShowGame Podcast: Episode 4 with Rachel Turton and Ben Davies

This week Sean speaks to Rachel Turton and Ben Davies. Both are longtime Ultimate players (Ben has played for New Zealand and in the AUDL, and Rachel is a reigning national and European champion with SMOG and GB Mixed) who have pivoted more to disc golf during the last 12 months and are now the male and female #1s in the UK. 

– How they got into disc golf and started playing tournaments (0:58)

–  Was there any particular piece of advice that made a difference, or thing you worked out that was crucial? (2:25)

– How long did it take to get to grips with the variety of discs? (4:25)

– How hard has it been learning to play with such precision? (9:03)

– What’s it been like playing a more individual sport like disc golf, and integrating into a different community? (10:50)

– Are you still Ultimate players that play disc golf, or are you more a golfer now? (16:01)

– Which countries are strong in disc golf? (18:02)

– What do disc golf sponsorships entail, and how do they work? (19:00)

– BEST LINE: Rachel picks her best mixed team and discusses playing Worlds with Great Britain at 20 (22:55)

– BEST LINE: Ben picks his best mixed line, including a one-time only exception for a player he trained with (25:05)

– Ben discusses his experience playing for Rainbow Brigade at Windmill (28:40)