WUCC Results Day Two – Tuesday 5th

For those less Twitter-literate, keeping you up to date with how the UK teams get on today in Lecco. Scores will be updated as they come in, so keep an eye out…

Today’s play follows the Sunday schedule with only minor changes.


Iceni (8th)
Win 15 – 4 vs. Prague Devils (CZE, 23rd)

Nice Bristols (24th)  – Coming third in pool puts them in lower power pools.
Lose 15  – 2 vs. Traffic (CAN, 7th) 

LMS Ultimate (30th)
Win 12 – 7 vs. Brilliance (RUS, 14th)


NEWS: Potential schedule change going forward. Top 2 from each pool will enter into 8 power pools of 3 teams. Top 2 of the power pools go to top 16 play-offs. Important implication is that some groups will be 1st-1st-2nd seeds, and some will be 1st-2nd-2nd; substantial considering that only the top 2 proceed from power pools to final 16. Please note – this change is yet to be confirmed.

Clapham (8th) – Top the pool 3 – 0 going into power pools.

Win 15 – 7 vs. KFUM Orebro (SWE, 32nd) 

Chevron (12th) – Top the pool 3 – 0 going into power pools with game against Clapham tomorrow.
Win 15 – 13 vs. Heidees (GER, 36th) 

EMO (22nd) – Take 2nd in pool and head to power pools as a 2nd seed.
Win 14 – 9 vs. Crackerjacks (SIN, 46th)
Win 14-10 vs. Iznogood (FRA, 27th) 

Ranelagh (41st)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Mephisto (CAN, 17th)

Max McCartney takes the grab and makes sure of it for Clapham. Photo courtesy of Kevin LeClaire / Ultiphotos.


Bear Cavalry (8th) Top pool to keep 8th seed.
Win 15 – 8 vs. Slash (MEX, 32nd) 

Cambridge (18th)  Top pool to take 7th seed.
Win 15 -5 vs. China United Ultimate Party (PRC, 42nd)

RGS (27th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs Polar Bears (USA, 46th)
Lose 10 – 14 vs IKU! (JPN, 46th)

Black Eagles (38th)
Lose 10 – 15 vs. Salaspils FK (LAT, 14th)

Women’s Masters

ROBOT (6th)
Win 14 – 9 vs. Guacamayas (COL, 4th)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Funky Masters (FRA, 1st)


Zimmer (4th)
Win 15 – 4 vs. Yanomami (VEN, 16th)
Win 15 – 8 vs. Gronical Dizziness (NED, 17th)

BAF (8th)

Win 15 – 5 vs. Dedushka (RUS, 21st)
Win 15 – 8 vs. MTX (FRA, 11th)

Excitement Elsewhere

Iznogood pushed Buzz Bullets with Buzz narrowly taking half  9-8. Buzz emerged victors 15-11 in an unexpectedly close pool play match up.

Bad Skid have been knocked out of top 24 by Communidad del Oso (COL) in a contentious game which included a spirit time out.