WUCC Results Day One – Monday 4th

Keeping you up to date with how the UK teams got on today…

Things eventually got off to a boggy start in Lecco today after games from Monday were rescheduled due to waterlogged fields. Here’s how the home teams got on.
Full results are here.


Iceni seem comfortable as they take two wins, Bristol take 1 W 1 L, and LMS take a loss to the experienced Woodchicas.

Iceni (8th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Athletico (FIN, 23rd)
Win 14 – 10 vs. ZUF (SUI, 9th)

Nice Bristols (24th)
Lose 9 – 14 vs. U de Cologne (GER, 10th)
Win 13 – 9 vs. Rogue (AUS, 26th)

Little Miss Sunshine (30th)
Lose 9 – 15 vs. Woodchicas (GER, 19th) 


Clapham and Chevron both secure power pool qualification with two wins, EMO lose out to Buzz (view stream here), and Ranelagh unfortunately fail to get their first win on the board.

Clapham (8th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Ranelagh (IRE, 41st)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Mephisto (CAN, 17th)

Chevron (12th)
Win 15 – 10 vs. Wildcats (NZL, 37th)
Win 11 – 9 vs. Euforia (COL, 13th)

EMO (22nd)
Lose 6 – 15 vs. Buzz Bullets (JPN, 3rd) 

Ranelagh (41st)
Lose 5 – 15 vs. Clapham (GBR, 8th)
Lose 12 – 14 vs. KFUM Örebro (SWE, 32nd)


Bear Cavalry and RGS keep a clean record for the first pool play games, Black Eagles are unable to get their first win and Cambridge turn their pool inside out with a sudden death loss to the 31st seeds, and a 15-11 win over the highest seeds in their pool.

Bear Cavalry (8th)
Win 15 – 8 vs. Sexy Legs (EST, 41st)
Win 15 – 6 vs. UFO Mixed (NED, 17th)

Cambridge (18th)
Lose 14 – 15 vs. Panthers Bern (SUI, 31st)
Win 15 – 11 vs. Wild Card (USA, 7th)

RGS (27th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. Fire of Anatolia (TUR, 46th)

Black Eagles (38th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Team Fisher Price (CAN, 11th)
Lose 7 – 14 vs. Grandmaster Flash (POL, 35th)

R.G.S getting horizontal on the first day of play. Photo courtesy of Kevin Leclaire/Ultiphotos.

Women’s Masters

The Brits finish the day 1 and 1, and in 4th position in the pool round robin.

Lose 8 – 15 vs. Welldone (FIN)
Win 15 – 9 vs. Primal (AUS)


Zimmer stay strong with two wins, and BAF end with a 1 and 1 for the first day.

Zimmer (4th)
Win 15 – 5 vs. MM (MEX, 24th)
Win 15 – 11 vs. Vigi (JPN, 9th)

BAF (8th)

Win 15 – 10 vs. Mokonui (NZL, 20th)
Lose 11 – 15 vs. Flood (CAN, 13th)

Excitement Elsewhere

Rumour mill: Davide is taken away from a universe point loss to Bad Skid by a WFDF rep – TRUTH: Davide was simply taken aside by his team during half time to calm down a little.
Viksjöfors push Furious George to 15-13, narrowly losing.
Texas Showdown lose out to Japan’s HUCK.
Cambridge beat the American Mixed team Wildcard to mix up their pool.
Some pitches are very boggy but weather was beautiful today. 
Schedule has changed a number of times in the day for tomorrows play but minimal effect for UK teams. 

One of the entrance roads into the venue, a little muddy. Photo courtesy of Kevin Leclaire/Ultiphotos.

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  1. I was actually there. When there was a bad call he took the disc, ran and spiked it into the back of a pickup truck. He then proceeded to drive the truck into the oppositions end zone shouting “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL DAVIDE!”. He tried to drive off into the distance in celebration but it came back on a travel call from his initial spike. Please update for this.

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