UKU Nationals Results

UKU Nationals were held in Southampton this weekend just past. Here’s how it went…

Qualifying for EUCF 2014 held in Frankfurt are:


  1. Clapham (Elite Division)
  2. Chevron Action Flash (Elite Division)
  3. EMO
  4. Fire of London
  5. Brighton
  6. Cambridge


  1. Iceni
  2. SYC


  1. Birmingham Mixed
  2. Pingu Jam
  3. Thundering Herd

Spirit of the Game winners were Flump,  Iceni and Brighton Breezy – congratulations! Full results including spirit can be found here

Mark ‘Fandango’ Simpson goes all out for the D against EMO in the semi-finals. Photo courtesy of Andrew Moss.

Congratulations to Iceni and Clapham Ultimate for retaining the title in their respective divisions, and to the new Mixed Champions: Birmingham Mixed!

Watch Open semi-finals and finals for all divisions with commentary by David Pichler here.

You can also but footage VOD from PushPass, who have also published a Drama post following the possibility of Pingu Jam fielding a ineligible player.

For those who took part the results of the fantasy Ultimate can be found here.

Look out for our EUCF preview coming soon…