WUCC 2014 Women’s Masters Division Preview: R.O.B.O.T

Lauren Bryant previews the only Women’s Masters team going to Lecco from UK: R.O.B.O.T.

ROBOT taking on LLLeeds during this years Tour season. Photo courtesy of Nick Moss.


Alejandra Ospina

Angela Caulfield
Carolyn Le Cocq
Claerwen Snell
Claire Mitchell
Clare Avenell
Elizabeth Searle
Felicity Perry
Gemma Youlten
Gemma Taylor
Helen Windle
Joelie Chalmer
Julia Murray
Kathrine Montagu-Smith
Kiley Brown
KJ Boardman-Hims
Kristina Cernusakova
Lianne Elsdon
Linda Gilmour
Linz Wilkinson
Magdalena Glanc
Nicole Cozens
Ruth Carelton
Sarah Douglas
Sophie Beavan
Stephanie Bolton


Really Old Birds On Tour already win points for their name, and are an exciting prospect going into WUCC. Set up last year as the UK’s first women’s masters team, ROBOT bring not only experience to the field but an intimidating level of skills and athleticism.

The core of the team played together in 2013 as ROBOT on the UK circuit and as GB women’s masters at ECBU, where they took silver. The team made semi-finals at the second and third women’s tours in the UK, proving they can match up against the top tier of UK women’s ultimate.

Players to watch

#55 Gemma Taylor – Huge flicks hucks and gritty defence, GT will put her body on the line for the team.
#23 Sophie Beavan – Dominant cutter able to get free at will, quick and smart.
#1 Jools Murray – Big throws and big vision and a complete athlete. All three also captained GB women in 2011/2012.


There is no seeding in the women’s masters division, with nine teams playing a round robin before play-offs. ROBOT have the ability to dispatch anyone in the division, knocking out other European teams and further-afield rivals from Colombia and Australia. But they may not be able to better North America’s Godiva (US) or Vintage (Canada), which have a long history of playing together as well as some of the best of elite North American Club players from recent years. A finals berth may be just out of reach, but the team should certainly have their sights on medals.

That’s the Women’s Masters UK team, easy! Take it to the world!