WUCC 2014 Women’s Division Preview: Iceni

Lauren Bryant starts off the Women’s Division WUCC Previews with National and European Champions Iceni.

Iceni trying to close the gap at the US Open. Photo courtesy of CMBTcreative.


Alex Benedict
Alex Meixner
Ange Wilkinson
Becci Haigh
Caroline Nicholls
Fiona Kwan
Fran Scarampi
Issy Burke
Jackie Verrals
Jenna Thompson
Jo Rowbury
Joey Holmes
Kaleigh Maietta
Lauren Bryant
Lily Huang
Liza Bowen
Mallory Meiser
Mara Alperin
Meryl Kusyk
Nici Prien
Rachel Kelly
Rowan Pearson
Sonia Komenda

About Iceni
Iceni are the UK’s most successful women’s team, consistently dominating the domestic scene and medalling on the European circuit, winning the last three national and European championships.

London based, the team practices together twice weekly and has been preparing for WUCC since selection in February. Iceni are looking to build on their success from previous years and challenge the very best in the world.

Captains Ange Wilkinson and Sonia Komenda bring experience, talent and passion to the team. Ange is a long-time Iceni player, with this being her third consecutive year co-captaining the team. Sonia was new to the team last year, a Canadian import, but quickly established herself a big part of the club both on and off pitch. The captains are supported this year by Paul “Voodoo” Waite, a former Clapham and GB Mixed player who has committed his season to coaching Iceni, bringing his tactical expertise and ability to identify strengths and talents to the team management.

Iceni have a lot of strengths as a team, a significant one is the depth of their roster. All 23 players are rounded and have big-game experience and the level of trust across the team is high. With six hard months of preparation, Iceni are looking to utilise their offensive structures, but are confident in playing smart, organic ultimate to bring out the very best in their players. Athletic and skilled, expect a mixture of slick break-side play and a fiery long game.

Players to watch
#2 Nici Prien – Huge receiver with perfect timing, but dangerous under and on defence.
#3 Lily Huang – Smart, tenacious handler with some of the best break-throws, frustrating to guard.
#9 Jackie Verralls – Clever and quick cutter, as effective under as long with great timing and throws.
#13 Ange Wilkinson – Aggressive initiating cuts, powerful hucks and huge pulls.
#15 Sonia Komenda – Deadly with the disc in hand and a smart cutter, but most dangerous on defence.
#22 Jenna Thomson – A handler with consistent, neat break throws, but don’t be shocked when she flies past you for the block or the score.
#32 Fran Scarampi – Does nothing by halves – big cuts, big hucks, big grabs, big presence.

Iceni has a team goal of making the quarter finals. An appearance at US Open in early July imbued them with a lot of confidence that they are capable of keeping up with the big dogs from the US. If they play to their strengths, they could challenge the semi-finalists.

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