UKU Regionals 2014 Results

This weekend saw the five regional tournaments taking place across the country. Below are the results of the teams that have qualified for UKU Nationals 2014.
Greater London
1. Clapham
2. Fire 1
3. Ka-Pow
4. Flump
5. Fire 2

South East
1. Brighton
2. Reading
3. DED

South West
1. Devon

1. EMO
2. BAF
3. JR

1. Chevron 
2. Manchester
3. Sheffield Steal

Scotland & NI
1. NEO

This would give our speculative UKU Nationals 2014 seedings taken from Tour rankings and adjusted to avoid regional rematches:

Nationals 2014
1. Clapham
2. EMO
3. Chevron
4. Fire 1
5. Brighton
6. Manchester
7. Ka-Pow
8. BAF
9. Flump
10. Reading
11. Devon
12. NEO
13. JR
14. DED
15. Sheffield Steal
16. Fire 2

and first round games:

Round 1 games
Clapham vs Fire 2
EMO vs Sheffield Steal
Chevron vs DED
Fire 1 vs JR
Brighton vs NEO
Manchester vs Devon
Ka-Pow vs Reading
BAF vs Flump

See you all in Southampton at the end of August, WUCC first!

4 thoughts on “UKU Regionals 2014 Results”

  1. This surely isn't based purely on tour rankings, if so it makes very little sense, DED finished higher than the 6 teams above them.

  2. We worked this out from this:

    Where we took the tour rankings to give slots for their given region and so regionals results then slot into a given berth. However, like you say that might mean certain teams strength isn't taken account of but Nationals isn't a pool to knock out format so does this matter? First round games could sort that all out. Also UKU can and have adjusted seedings – all speculation for now :).

  3. When is the Nationals preview out? NEO have some serious smacktalk to give out to Ka-Pow. That Will Martin can expect a good doing. Ka-Pow, right in the kisser.

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