The Grapevine – UKU Nationals 2013 Special

This weekend is probably the biggest domestic tournament of the season, so here at the ShowGame we have compiled ALL the information you need to follow at home! 

Read our previews in the three main divisions, please do comment also!

Official scores in the Open, Women’s, Mixed and Masters divisions.

Take a look at the official stats using the new UTC mobile app.

As previously advertised we will also be trialling a score reporter (it’s pretty swish) kindly created by the Ultiapps peeps, find it here for all four divisions in one place

No news on live stream yet, PushPass will be filming across the weekend with VOD following the tournament:

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For insightful commentary follow our twitter and for more from the TD’s follow @ukunationals and @ukunat_scores.

The Fantasy UK Nationals has kicked off, join in and get voting for your top 7 in each division. 

So many ways to stay up to date with UKU Nationals, remember to use the #ukunationals hashtag and see you in Southampton! DP @ tSG.

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