The Grapevine – 03/05

This week’s The Grapevine covers a lot,  from coaching blogs to ESPN’s coverage of Ultimate in the US.

With true comic book style KaPoW are releasing player profiles on their Facebook, Twitter and website. Look out for more as they are released!

The GB Mixed Beach team are also giving us an insight into their players, go like and see! 

News of ESPN3’s coverage of the US College Tour and Triple Crown Tour has been released for some time now but an introduction video can be found here!

GB World Games win another Mixed Tour, read a piece from a Herd players perspective.

Read part 1 of Benji Heywood’s blog post on Practice to Rehearsal and don’t fear find part 2 here.

PushPass step up a gear with replays and multiple angles, check out a highlight from the Uni Nationals Open Final. For full footage go to the Pushpass website and buy full games or tournament subscriptions in HD! Also go read and comment on their ‘Drama’ section where a new post on UKU Spirit Sanctions went up this week. 

US College Nationals is looming and so their yearly Callahan Award is being decided, check out Dylan Freechild’s (Oregon, Rhino and Nexgen) bid video plus the other awesome nominees in both Open and Women divisions here.

The UKU opens up entry for the premier Open event of 2013: Open Tour 1 – London’s Calling!

UTalkRaw Episode 17 where Barry O’Kane talks to the GB u23 Women, listen here.

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