Mixed Tour 3 (2013) – Cheltenham.

With the final installment of Mixed Tour this weekend, what have we got in store for Cheltenham?

The weather looks to be cold with some chance of rain later in the weekend. This never stopped us but please pack warm and stay warm camping! 

Sadly we still have no schedule (mostly down to late dropouts) but we know where to look for excitement. We will see the likes of RGS, World Games, Cambridge, Brighton, DED, Black Eagles and Herd fighting for top spots. Watch out for some of the next 8 fighting their way up, Bristol, Shiny Happy Meeples and U23’s will not give up and will want to finish off the tour strongly.

Last chance saloon for Mixed tour glory. Keep an eye out for our review next week covering Mixed Tour as a whole and looking forward to Nationals and further. 

EDIT: Full standings (so far) can be found here
Schedule is now here.
See y’all there use the hashtag #ukumt3 for more info and results! Want to give us your opinion? Don’t be scared! Like, share and contribute. tSG

4 thoughts on “Mixed Tour 3 (2013) – Cheltenham.”

  1. Here's the current standings (not official – just worked out quickly by a someone).
    RGS 460
    Black eagles (unmentioned above?) 440
    Cambridge 412
    Brighton 412
    DED 410
    Cav 392
    Herd 380
    Toast 363

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