The People

David “DP” Pryce

DP started playing in 2006 for the University of Sheffield, and after finishing his undergrad degree continued to his studies at Imperial College London. Whilst in London he also played a lot of Ultimate, and met Josh through the London Ultimate scene. On pitch, you’ll now see him playing for Fire of London.

DP has been lucky enough to work with Skyd covering WUCC 2014 (Lecco) as a pitch-side reporter and both WU23C 2015 (London) and EUC2015 (Copenhagen) as a commentator. Couple that with an outing to WCBU2015 (Dubai) working for Get Horizontal, DP has worked alongside many of the Ultimate media community’s best, covering most of the major WFDF tournaments in the past two years.

DP is the Showgame tech guru, running the site and social media as well as writing and coordinating with photographers. He is currently trying to find the best way the Showgame can represent at the upcoming WUGC 2016 (London).

In the real world DP is a Data Scientist for KPMG UK with a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Josh Coxon Kelly

Josh ‘CK’ Coxon Kelly picked up Ultimate in Kent 2006, and has had the honour of representing for GB in 2008 (U20), 2010 (U23) and assistant coach for U23 Open in 2013. After playing for and captaining Chevron (and a 2 year ACL hiatus) he currently plays for Clapham and trains with the GB Open squad.

Starting the Showgame with DP in 2012, Josh contributes as a writer and is Editor in Chief of the blog. As well as writing, editing and coordinating authors, Josh developed the Discussion series and headed the team at WU23 in London this year. He’s always looking to hear from more people looking to contribute in any way!

In the real world Josh currently works in social sports in South-West London.

Sean Colfer

Sean started playing Ultimate in 2006 at the University of Sheffield after discovering that American Football wasn’t his calling. He has played for Sheffield Steal, Leeds and EMO and now plays for and coaches Flump after moving to the big smoke.

Sean has contributed to Ultimatum, worked with BlockStack TV at tournaments, written newsletters at Paganello and helped out with some spot editing in the early days of the Showgame. After a successful week covering WU23C 2015 in London, writing pieces and being an on-field social media machine, he came on board formally with the Showgame. He’s now one of the main writers and also helps with editing.

In real life Sean works in PR for Transport for London (sorry about your delays).

The Showgame taking on the coverage of World U23 Ultimate Champs in London 2015.

The Showgame team at World U23 Ultimate Champs in London 2015.

Regular Contributors

Claire Taylor

Felicity “Flea” Perry

Charlie Blair

Harry Mason

Sion “Brummie” Scone


Andrew Moss

Claire Baker

Graham Shellswell

Deepthi Indukuri

Christine Rushworth

Nick Moss.


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